Bureau of Public Works Administration

Department of Public Works


The Department of Public Works is headed by a Director of Public Works. The Department is responsible for the construction and maintenance of City streets and highways, City parking facilities, City parks, City storm and sanitary sewers and all other City owned properties and facilities. The Department shall also carry out the function of refuse collection and disposal. The City's Building Maintenance and Electrical Bureau is under the general direction of the Director of Public Works. The functions of the Department shall be carried out in cooperation with the operating activities of the other departments of the City government; and the personnel attached to the Department may, by order of the Mayor, perform such construction, maintenance and technical services as are required by the other departments.

The Director of Public Works indirectly supervises cleaning of streets and public places; the erection, repairing, maintenance and reconstruction of all street improvements, pavements, sidewalks, curbs, sewers, conduits and bridges; supervision of all public utilities as to their occupancy of streets and other public places; and all officers and employees used when the City assumes collection, removal and disposal of refuse.

2020 Accomplishments

  1. The Public Works Department broke ground on the Poorhouse Run Streambank project that begin in September and is slated to be completed in December of 2020. This total cost of this is 1.25 million dollars and is being completely paid for by grant funding. ($700K by County of York, $200K by DEP, $200K by DCNR and 125K by York City Parks Conservancy.
  2. The Public Works Department, Business Administration and Solicitor’s office work jointly through an effective RFP process to create a new Ice Arena management agreement with Black Bear Sports Group.
  3. The Public Works Department worked with Buchart Horn through an effective RFP process to get a completed Capital Needs Assessment for City owned Parks and facilities. (90% of this was funded by DCED)
  4. The Public Works Department was able to work with the County Commissioners office to complete a study of Mason Avenue. (Funded by the County of York)
  5. The Public Works Department in conjunction with the Grants and Planning Department are going after a Multimodal Grant to cover 1 million dollars of upgrades on Mason Avenue from Duke Street to Pershing Avenue. (If awarded, 700K will be covered by PennDOT.)

2021 Goals & Objectives

  1. Begin and complete the Rail Trail from Philadelphia Street to George Street. (Funded by PennDOT, DCNR and TAP Funds)
  2. Begin and complete King Street Bike Lanes from Tremont Street to Penn Street. (TAP Funds)
  3. Begin bidding the repaving and realigning of George Street project. (PennDOT Funded)
  4. Install stadium lights at Memorial Park Complex (75K from Visitor Bureau and 50K from Hoffman Foundantion)
  5. Install a new playground and soccer goal at Hudson Park. (CDBG and York City Parks Conservancy Funds)

2021 Revenue & Expense Changes

2021 Revenue (Increases/decreases)

  1. Increase in revenue for building rentals
  2. Increase in revenue due to selling York City branded clothing to City of York employees. (Employees will purchase clothing to wear at work)
  3. Decrease in liquid fuel highway budget for street paving projects. (Put funds in Electrical Bureau Liquid Fuel account)
  4. Increase in revenue for free events for City of York residents. (Donations)

2021 Expense (Increase/Decrease)

  1. Increase in liquid fuel electrical budget for street lights.
  2. We should see an increase in the Public Works budget due to construction on Pennsylvania Avenue Bridge

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