Bureau of Environmental Services

Department of Public Works


The Environmental Bureau works to provide a clean, healthy and beautiful City by managing refuse, recycling, large item and yard waste collections. All York City residents and commercial, municipal and institutional establishments are mandated to recycle designated material according to the State’s Act 101 and York City’s Ordinance, Article 952.

2020 Accomplishments

  1. Prepared a Department of Environmental Protection 902 Grant application.
  2. Reviewed, revised and assembled the Collections Contract documents, advertised for bids, held a mandatory pre-bid meeting and bid opening.
  3. Illegal tire dumping is down throughout the City
  4. Sustain sufficient cleanup and removal efforts of illegal dumping, dead animals, discarded electronics and large items.
  5. Assisted in mowing grass and trimming, the removal of trash and litter from six (6) nuisance properties throughout the City

2021 Goals & Objectives

  1. Implement a new collections contract, to be effective 5/1/2021.
  2. Evaluate each multi-residential unit site that has dumpsters and/or tote carts under the City’s Collections Contract to ensure each are paying enough to cover the cost of the containers and frequency of services currently in place.
  3. Educate curbside customers about the importance and requirement under the City Ordinance, Article 951, to bag all trash even when placing inside trash cans.
  4. Identify the next set of street trash containers to be replaced by the Bureau’s staff.

2021 Revenue & Expense Changes


  1. Decrease in Revenue for the Annual Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Recycling Performance Grant.
  2. Decrease in Revenue for the resale of yard waste bags and cans and recycling bins and cans due to limited accessibility during the Covid-19 pandemic which is anticipated may continue into 2021.


  1. Increase in Expense for the Refuse Collections for 2021 . For 2021, the first 4 months are at the current contract pricing. For the last 8 months of the year, the cost goes up 49% under the new contract.
  2. Increase in Expense for Disposal of solid waste. This can be attributed to three things. First, both the Incinerator and the Landfill are increasing their disposal rates for 2021. Second, there has been an increase in refuse tonnages after a global recycling market collapse which eliminated some materials that we used to be able to recycle. Third, there was increased refuse tonnages during the ongoing pandemic, Covid-19, which may continue into 2021. The pandemic had closed schools and all non-essential businesses and kept persons that could work from home at home. With the possibility of at home schooling and at home work continuing for many into 2021, the tonnage generated from residential households will likely remain higher than any prior normal year.
  3. Maintenance accounts decreased by 5%

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