Bureau of Highway

Department of Public Works


The Highway Bureau provides City and visitors with services, which will maintain safe traffic flow, directional signs/street markings and clean thoroughfares. The Bureau meets the special requirements of highway maintenance. The Highway Bureau is responsible for the maintenance of 89.9 miles of streets, 40 miles of alleys, and 31 miles of storm water lines consisting of 1,735 inlets and 445 manholes; state inspection and maintenance of 221 City vehicles and removal of graffiti from public and private property.

2020 Accomplishments

  1. Patching
  2. Street sweeping
  3. Inlet grate cleaning
  4. Catch basin cleaning/repair
  5. Sign replacement and installation
  6. Curb painting
  7. Continued to work closely with the Utility companies during the Pre-construction, construction and restoration phases of the utility upgrades and road re-pavement.
  8. Repaved the 400 block of Wallace St.
  9. Repaved the 100-300 Blocks of Ridge Ave
  10. Repaved Pershing Ave from King St. to Philadelphia St.
  11. Repaved n. Pine St from Market St. to Philadelphia St.
  12. Repaired sinkholes in the Penn Street markets parking lot.
  13. Repaired failing road surfaces o the first block of S. Penn St.
  14. Repaired the intersection at Maryland Avenu. and N. West St. and a portion of N. West St.

2021 Goals & Objectives

  1. Effectively implement the City’s snow removal plan.
  2. Schedule and complete storm inlet cleaning and repairs.
  3. Continue with street sign upgrades and replacement.
  4. Schedule and complete alley re-pavement projects and road repairs.
  5. Effectively and efficiently complete the daily street sweeper schedule.
  6. Efficiently remove leaf piles from the City streets and Alley’s.

2021 Revenue & Expense Changes


  1. Increased revenue for street cut permits, oversized load permits and stormwater management = $65,000


  1. Non-discretionary item(s), i .e., clothing/boot/uniform costs per collective bargaining agreement

Highway - 421: Revenue by Type

Highway - 421: Revenue by Type - Intergovernmental

Highway - 421: Expense by Type

Highway - 421: Revenues & Expenses