Bureau of Building Maintenance & Electrical

Department of Public Works


The Bureau is responsible for providing safe buildings and streets for the City employees and citizens of York. The Bureau maintains and monitors 600 City owned street lights, 3,100 GPU street lights. 9 Gamewell fire alram circuits, 47 City owned buildings/facilities, and 102 signalized intersections and their associated wiring, signs and cabinetry.

2020 Accomplishments

  1. The Human Relations Commission was moved back to City Hall in 2020.
  2. The Bureau started building a new Emergency Operations Center in the lower level of City Hall in 2020.
  3. A collaborative project has been undertaken to repair the dam and aeration systems at Kiwanis Lake. This will be done with help from the Rotary Club, Trola Industries, Stewart and Tate, American Hydro and donations from the community. No City monies will be used for this project.
  4. The Treasures office and finance Department were moved into new offices. There was a wall removed and new spaces created for this to happen.

2021 Goals & Objectives

  1. In 2021 flashing pedestrian crossings will be installed at the intersection of George St. and Mason Avenue. .
  2. In 2021 a flashing pedestrian crossing will be installed at the entrance to the Market St. garage to line up with the Yorktown Hotel entrance.
  3. It is our goal to install a full building emergency generator for fire station #9 in 2021.

2021 Revenue & Expense Changes


  1. No Significant increase or decrease


  1. No Significant increase or decrease

Building Maintenance & Electrical - 422: Revenue by Type - Charges for Services

Building Maintenance & Electrical - 422: Expenses by Type

Building Maintenance & Electrical - 422: Revenues & Expenses