Bureau of Sewer Maintenance

Department of Public Works


The Bureau is responsible for the maintenance and repair of over 520,000 linear feet of sewer lines located within the City. The sewer system is a critical component in the operations of the York City Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP). The system conveys the wastewater generated by sewer users in the City, and portions of seven (7) other municipalities, to the WWTP for treatment.

2020 Accomplishments

  1. 3 employees obtained Department Environmental Protection (DEP) Collection Accreditation Certifications
  2. Completed 4 laterals dig up and repairs
  3. A new CS21 communication system put in at the pump station
  4. Responded to 142 SUNSHINE emergency calls
  5. Flushed 1/3 of the total city sewer lines (90 miles of sewage)
  6. Provided educational pamphlets and letters to the public to help understand what should and should not go into our sewer system.
  7. Provided daily help to Columbia Gas, who hired USG to televise our pipes for coverage of potential borrowing through the sewer pipes.
  8. Created a strong focused on restaurant and well-known high grease and rag areas to help prevent on surface sewer overflows, which creates costly clean-ups.

2021 Goals & Objectives

  1. Continue flushing the remaining 2/3’s of City sewer lines
  2. Review with Buchart Horn the results from USG’s compact disc’s for sewer line closed captioned televising
  3. Explore a more accurate PA 1 CALL mapping system. This will help us identify our sewer system.
  4. Use training monies to get the remaining employees up to speed with their DEP Certifications
  5. Continue to provide educational material to our clients

2021 Revenue & Expense Changes


  1. No significant increse or decrease


  1. Reduced overall expenses by $500,000

Sewer Maintenance - 422: Expenses by Type

Sewer Maintenance - 422: Revenues & Expenses