York City Ice Rink

Department of Public Works


The Ice Rink was built for use by the use by the public to enjoy ice skating and ice hockey. The Rink is also used for small events, birthday parties ice skating lessons, team ice hockey play.

2020 Accomplishments

  1. The major accomplishment in 2020 was the issuing a Request for Proposals to seek interest in either a new manager for the Rink or a lease agreement. The City entered into an agreement with Black Bear to operate the Rink with the City receiving a lease payment from Black Bear.

2021 Goals & Objectives

  1. Increased community use of the Ice Rink

2021 Revenue & Expense Changes


  1. An approximate $63,000 increase in revenue to the City.


  1. Decrease in subsidizing the operation of the Rink.

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Ice Rink - 65: Revenue & Expenses