Department of Public Works


Department Description

The Department shall be responsible for the construction and maintenance of City streets and highways, City parking facilities, City parks, City storm and sanitary sewers and all other City owned properties and facilities. The Department shall also carry out the function of refuse collection and disposal. There shall be attached to and operated within the Department, under the supervision of the Director, the City Electrical Bureau and the City Engineer, if one is appointed. The functions of the Department shall be carried out in cooperation with the operating activities of the other departments of the City government; and the personnel attached to the Department may, by order of the Mayor, perform such construction, maintenance and technical services as are required by the other departments.

The mission of the Department of Public Works is to provide safe, clean, healthy, and productive buildings, infrastructure, programs and services as efficiently as possible for the citizens of the City of York.

The Highway Bureau provides City residents and visitors with services that will maintain safe traffic flow, directional signs, street markings, and clean thoroughfares.

The building Maintenance and Electrical Bureau provides safe buildings and streets for employees and the citizens of the City of York. This Bureau maintains 600 city owned streetlights, 3,100 street lights, 9 Gamewell fire alarm circuits, 47 city owned buildings and facilities and 102 signalized intersections and their associated wiring, signs and cabinetry.

The Fleet Maintenance Bureau maintains the City vehicle fleet

The Environmental Services Bureau administers the City's refuse and recycling contracts, grants and large-item collection and the yard waste collection program.

The Recreation and Parks Bureau provides recreation programs and events to individuals, coordinates activities and facilities within the Bureau and other various groups. The Bureau maintains all City parks and recreation areas.

The Ice Rink provides a venue for free time ice skating, team activities, and venue for small group meetings.

The Wastewater Treatment Plant safeguards the environment and public health by maintaining the highest level of treatment of raw sewage at the lowest attainable cost to City residents. The Wastewater Treatment Plant also provides this service to 7 other municipalities. The Palnt treats and dispose of raw sewerage in a manner that meet the standards mandated by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Department of Envrironmental Protection and the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

The Municipal Industrial Pretreatment Program (MIPP) is a division of the Wastewater Treatment Plant Bureau. The MIPP provides the service of inspecting and monitoring the industrial wastewater generated by the community. MIPP ensures that the sewer users are in compliance with all applicable local and federal regulations. MIPP also monitors compliance and when necessary issues citation or executes stronger enforcement measures.

Sewer Maintenance is a Division of the Wastewater Treatment Plant that repairs, cleans and inspects the City's sanitary sewer collection system. The Division provides utility markings for the City sanitary sewer collection lines, flood pump station monitoring and operation of the bascule dam.