General Fund Revenue Descriptions

Fiscal year 2023/24 - 2024/25

Property Taxes

Property taxes are levied at one percent of assessed value, as established in 1978 by California’s Proposition 13. The County of Orange administers the property tax program and the City of Yorba Linda receives approximately 8% of the receipts generated by property taxes levied within the City limits. The balance of the revenue received is allocated between various schools, the County of Orange, certain special districts, and the Successor Agency to the City’s former Redevelopment Agency.

Consultant HdL & Companies provides annual estimates for Secured and Unsecured Property Taxes. Supplemental and Delinquent Property Taxes are based on the latest 3 year average trend.

Sales & Use Tax

Sales and Use Taxes are imposed on retail transactions, usually at the point of sale. They are collected and remitted to the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration, which administers the program. In Orange County, Sales Tax is assessed at the rate of 7.75% of the transaction value. Included in this rate are one percentage point for local sales tax, 0.5 percentage point for Measure “M” transportation programs.

Consultant HdL & Companies provides annual estimates.

Franchise Tax

The City charges franchise fees for various utilities and service providers operating in the City. Most material among these are fees collected from Southern California Edison for electric service, fees collected from various cable television providers, and fees collected from the City’s trash collection franchise.

Estimate based on franchise agreements with each franchisee.

Other Taxes

Other taxes include Business License Fees collected by the City from businesses and individuals doing business in the City of Yorba Linda. Other taxes also include Transient Occupancy Taxes (TOT) or "hotel tax", which hotels are required to pay a 10% tax based on the amount of their room rental revenues. Also included is Property Transfer Tax, which is an amount paid to the City from the County of Orange when ownership of property changes hands within the City boundaries.

Estimate based on historical trends.

Fees, Charges & Permits

This category includes Planning & Engineering revenues primarily related to fees for processing various development-related applications and includes most notably the revenue generated from the issuance of building permits.

Estimate based on anticipated building activity and any changes to the City's Fee Schedule.

Parks & Recreation Revenue

This category includes revenue collected for Contract Classes, Youth and Adult Sports, Pre-School, Day Camp and Teen Programs, Special Events and Community Room Rentals.

Estimate based on anticipated program participation and historical trends

Administrative Charges

These are charges collected from other City funds, namely the Landscape Maintenance Assessment District Fund and the Library Fund, for goods and services provided by the General Fund to these Special Revenue Funds.

Estimate based on Cost Allocation Plan prepared by the City's consultant, NBS Government Finance Group.

Other Revenue

The Other Revenue category includes interest revenue, lease revenue, cost reimbursements, and the sale of City property.

Estimate based on historical trends.

Interfund Transfers

These transfers come from Special Revenue Funds into the General Fund and are considered income to the General Fund.

Estimate based on available funds received in the Special Revenue Funds.