City Council

Fiscal Year 2023/24 - 2024/25

Statement of Purpose

The City of Yorba Linda operates under the council-manager form of local government. The five members of the City Council are elected by the citizens as the legislative, policy-making branch of city government. As Yorba Linda's elected representatives, the City Council expresses the values of the electorate in keeping pace with community needs and establishing the quality of municipal services. The City Council also serves as the board members to the Successor Agency, Housing Authority, and the Financing Authority.

City Council determines service levels and revenue obligations through the adoption of an annual budget, authorizes City contracts and expenditures, establishes City service and operating policies and adopts such regulatory measures as may be necessary for the mutual protection of the community.

Council Members also represent the City on various intergovernmental organizations to achieve governmental cooperation and advocate for programs that are consistent with the needs of the community.

Personnel Summary by Position

Budget Detail