City Manager's Budget Message

Fiscal year 2023/24 - 2024/25

June 20, 2023

Honorable Mayor and Members of the City Council:

I am pleased to submit the Operating and Capital Budgets for fiscal years 2023/24 and 2024/25 for the City of Yorba Linda and the Successor Agency to the former Yorba Linda Redevelopment Agency. This budget was developed with the City’s Strategic Plan Core Strategies in mind and will facilitate the delivery of quality services to our residents, businesses and visitors while being fiscally responsible and maintaining the City’s strong budget reserves.

Due to the prudent actions of this and prior City Councils, Yorba Linda continues to be in a fiscally strong position despite the economic challenges faced during the past few years coming out of a worldwide pandemic. The budget reflects this strong position with a surplus projected in both years of the Two-Year Budget for the General Fund. With the City Council’s implementation of a plan to address the City’s unfunded needs in 2016, this budget continues down the path of reducing unfunded liabilities, funding facilities and infrastructure maintenance and improvements and regularly replacing vehicles and equipment. This strategy is helping to ensure that the City will continue to provide the high level of services that Yorba Linda residents deserve in the years ahead.


This budget document presents a variety of important information about the City’s Two-Year Budget, including significant financial summary and detail information that significantly enhances the utility of the budget document to the City Council, City Staff, and the public. The new online budget book format further enhances the public’s ability to access budget information in a transparent manner. Of note, line-item detail is provided for all City departments’ budgets and detailed information on the City’s staffing is provided. Other sections of the document outline the City Council's citywide goals and Strategic Plan Core Strategies, a Community Profile of the City, a Guide to the Budget to assist the users of the document with understanding terminology, the budget process, and the policy framework though which the budget is developed.


Staff have presented the City Council with a balanced budget that is fiscally conservative in its revenue and expenditure projections, while providing funding for key priorities of the City Council. As always, staff will continue monitoring revenues, expenditures, and relevant economic data so that the City Council remains informed of the City’s fiscal condition. This information will be communicated through the quarterly budget reports provided to the City Council by the Finance Department, with any required updates to the budget to be proposed at the mid-year and mid-term reviews of the budget.

The preparation of this budget was a complex, time-consuming exercise that required careful attention to detail, as well as reflection on the City Council's Strategic Plan Core Strategies. This would not be possible without the dedication and commitment of the City’s Department Heads and their key staff members. To each of them, I extend my thanks and appreciation for their hard work and patience as we developed this budget. I would also like to express my appreciation to the members of the City Council for your confidence in the City’s management team as well as your policy direction in this budget process. This document reflects the hours you spent in discussion and deliberation, and the directions and suggestions that you offered, as well as the sincere interest you have in seeing the City of Yorba Linda thrive in the years ahead.


Mark Pulone

City Manager