Performance Measures

Fiscal year 2023/24 - 2024/25

Performance Measures Overview

The Performance Measure Initiative is an organization-wide effort to measure, analyze, improve, and report on programs and services provided by the City of Yorba Linda. Performance measures help assist in setting targets, define strategy, and provide focus. Performance management is an ongoing, systematic approach intended to improve results by integrating objective evidence with decision-making processes.

The City of Yorba Linda has identified meaningful operational performance measures and targets directly related to the City Council's 2020-2023 Strategic Plan. These performance measures have been derived through a variety of sources. Representatives from each city department worked in a collaborative effort to identify measures, gather metrics and set targets.

The City will continue to build upon existing performance measures while empowering data-driven decision making throughout all levels of the organization.

Strategy 1: Deliver Exceptional City Services in a Customer-Friendly Manner.

Goal 2: Expand the use of modern technology to improve the customer’s experience.

My Civic 311 Citizen Request Tracker

The City of Yorba Linda tracks service requests and allows residents to submit requests of repairs around the City by utilizing the MyCivic 311 Service Request app. Residents can conveniently request repairs around the City, including potholes, streetlights, report graffiti or missing street signs, and much more.

Responded to Number of Service Requests:

FY 2020: 1,212

FY 2021: 1,701

FY 2022: 1,501


Target: Yes

Continue to increase social media following, providing timely and accurate information via social media.

Social Media Following

FY 2020: 8,095

FY 2021: 10,986

FY 2022: 12,778


Target: Yes

Strategy 2: Maximize and Strengthen the Image, Visual Quality, and Brand of the City.

Goal 2: Maintain a Community Preservation Program to protect and beautify properties.

Weed Abatement Program

The City’s annual weed abatement program exists to keep the City fire-safe by ensuring that yards and larger land parcels are cleared of combustible weeds and debris. To comply with California Government Code and City Municipal Code, the City issues notices to homeowners where potential fire hazard conditions may exist. Those who received the notice are required to clear (abate) their property of all combustible vegetation, including dead leaves, weeds, brush, and tree limbs, as well as excess trash, wood, and other combustibles. The Orange County Fire Authority also assesses properties for fire risk and issues notices as needed.

Weed Abatement Properties and Compliance

The numbers are as follows:

2020: 1,134 of 1,138 properties were compliant

2021: 1,202 of 1,203 properties were compliant

2022: 1,204 of 1,205 properties were compliant


Target: Yes

Strategy 3: Sustain and Enhance the City’s Long-Term Financial Position.

The GFOA established the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting Program (COA) in 1945 to encourage and assist state and local governments to go beyond the minimum requirements of generally accepted accounting principles to prepare annual comprehensive financial reports that evidence the spirit of transparency and full disclosure and then to recognize individual governments that succeed in achieving that goal. The City was recently awarded and will continue to strive to receive this award each year.

Goal 4: Effectively communicate financial information.

GFOA Financial Reporting Award

FY2020: 0

FY2021: 1

FY2022: 1


Target: Yes

Strategy 4: Ensure a Safe Community Through Continued Public Safety Efforts.

Goal 5: Provide optimal preparedness and response to emergencies and disasters.

The City of Yorba Linda, in partnership with the Orange County Sheriff's Department and Orange County Fire Authority, has established a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training program to educate residents about disaster preparedness and train them in basic disaster response skills.

Continue to conduct Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training opportunities.

Number of CERT graduates

FY 2020: 0

FY 2021: 17

FY 2022: 27

Strategy 5: Foster Long-Term Prosperity Through Economic Growth and Support of a Vibrant Business Community.

Goal 3: Attract new businesses to Yorba Linda.

Number of NEW Business Licenses Issued

FY Commercial Residential

19/20 133 198

20/21 126 188

21/22 135 195

Strategy 6: Improve and Expand City Infrastructure, Facilities, and Amenities.

Goal 1: Preserve pavement conditions within the City to maintain quality and safety.

Pavement Condition Index

The Pavement Condition Index (PCI) is a numerical index between 0 and 100, with 100 representing the best possible pavement condition and 0 representing the worst possible pavement condition. The PCI is an industry-standard indicator used to determine the health of a given section of pavement and the type of maintenance required, if any. The City of Yorba Linda maintains an aggressive preventive maintenance program to keep the roadways in good condition. The City’s PCI is consistently above average when compared to surrounding cities of similar size. In the short term, our goal is to achieve and maintain the Citywide PCI at 80 or above.

Above Average

Target: 80 and above

FY 2020: 78

FY 2021: No Data Collected (OCTA only requires biennial reporting)

FY 2022: 79

Goal 5: Enhance landscaping infrastructure to improve urban forestry and water conservation.

Urban Forest/Street Tree Beautification Program

The community urban forest is the City of Yorba Linda’s largest, most visible, and one of its most important natural resources. The Public Works Operations and Maintenance Division is responsible for the maintenance and care of approximately 3,800 street trees located within the public right-of-way and on public property. The Yorba Linda Street Lighting and Landscaping Maintenance Districts include an urban forest of 22,000 trees. Both environmentally and aesthetically, trees make the City of Yorba Linda a better place to live, helping to make Yorba Linda the “Land of Gracious Living.”

Additionally, as part of the ongoing beautification efforts by the City, the Public Works Department’s Street Beautification Program offers one 15-gallon tree in the parkway to be planted at the request of a property owner if no tree(s) exist in the parkway(s).

Street Tree Beautification Program - Number of Trees planted:

FY 2020: 34

FY 2021: 60

FY 2022: 80

Water Quality/NPDES

The State and Federal mandated National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System program (NPDES) requires the City of Yorba Linda to reduce the pollutants entering our storm water. The City is required to inspect, identify, and prevent illicit deposits or discharges into drains, waterways and wetlands. Deposits and discharges of materials must be processed or eliminated where practical.

The City of Yorba Linda currently maintains 2,271 storm drain catch basins. As part of the City’s Municipal Stormwater Permit, debris must be routinely removed from the catch basins. In addition, the City is responsible for maintaining records regarding the types and volumes of material removed. Debris removal is currently scheduled twice annually, typically in October and April at the start and the end of the rainy season.

Number of Storm Drain Catch Basins Inspected and Cleaned

• FY 2020: 327 - Cleaned out 327 storm drain catch basins to comply with Federal mandate removing 26 tons of silt/trash. *Due to Covid

• FY 2021: 240 - Cleaned out 240 storm drain catch basins to comply with Federal mandate removing 18 tons of silt/trash. *Due to Covid

• FY 2022: 2,271 - Cleaned out 2,271 storm drain catch basins to comply with Federal mandate removing 92 tons of silt/trash.