Administration Department

Fiscal Year 2023/24 - 2024/25

Statement of Purpose

The Administration Department coordinates municipal government operations under the direction of the City Manager, who receives policy direction from the City Council. The Department is tasked with ensuring that City services are performed to the highest professional and ethical standards in line with the City Council's policies and in accordance with the City's Municipal Code. The Administration Department consists of the following areas: City Clerk, City Council, City Manager, Communications, Economic Development, Emergency Management, General Government, Information Technology, Personnel and Risk Management.

Personnel by Division

Historical Personnel

Personnel Summary by Division

Budget Summary by Division

Budget Summary by Division

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Summary of Significant Budget Adjustments - Prior Year to Current Year

Personnel Adjustments

  1. Combined two part-time IT Technician positions into one full-time IT Technician.
  2. Created a new Communications division which is being staffed by existing City employees.

Other Adjustments

  1. Implementation of a new 311/CRM Service/App.
  2. City Website page restructure and addition of live chat feature.
  3. General Election and Measure B Election in November 2024 (FY 2024/25).