What Is The Budget?

Fiscal year 2023/24 - 2024/25

The Two-Year Budget sets forth a strategic resource allocation plan that addresses the City Council’s Strategic Goals and policy direction. The Budget is also a financial plan and a guide to understanding the City’s operations. Through the Two-Year Budget document, the City demonstrates its accountability to residents, customers, and the community-at-large. Additionally, the Two-Year Budget provides the legal authority for expenditures and a means for control of municipal operations throughout the fiscal year.

The budget process furnishes department heads with an opportunity to justify departmental work programs, to propose changes in services, and to recommend revisions in organizational structure and work methods. It also enables the City Manager to review these aspects and make appropriate recommendations to the City Council. Presentation of the budget to the City Council provides an opportunity to review municipal programs and the structure of the City organization, while establishing the level of municipal services to be rendered with the available resources.

In order to accomplish these objectives, the Two-Year Budget must combine a detailed explanation of anticipated financial resources for the ensuing two fiscal years with proposed expenditures, supported by sufficient information on the proposed programs and activities to assess the appropriateness of the recommended levels of services.