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Fleet Management

Gilberto Rivera, Director

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Mission Statement

It is Yavapai County Fleet Management’s goal to establish and maintain cost efficient and effective service that conserves vehicle value and equipment investment while providing our customers with safe, reliable, economical, and environmentally sound vehicle and equipment with

support services that are responsive to the needs of our customer departments.

Budget Memorandum

Fleet Management has accomplished the task of ordering replacement vehicles that were identified in FY20/21 but were not ordered due to the Pandemic. We have also managed to procure two pieces of equipment for approved program changes for two departments. Our focus for the upcoming fiscal year is to evaluate the current fleet to identify additional high mileage aging vehicles and submit a recommended budget to replace those vehicles. The budget will include estimated cost for upfit requirements for law enforcement and those departments requiring special duty accessories.

Two departments have requested additional vehicles in the upcoming fiscal year. In each case, the justifications were written by the requesting department, and cost figures for their requests were provided by Fleet Management. Those departments have been encouraged to attend the Fleet Management budget hearing to justify their requests.

Upon reviewing Fleet Management’s budget for FY 21/22, I recommend increases for Auto Parts and Supplies, Oil and Lubricants, and Vehicle Repairs Through HURF. Demand for automotive parts continues to increase across the nation, forcing us to purchase parts from non-preferred vendors at higher prices due to extended delivery dates of up to three months. We have witnessed a 7-15% increase on automotive parts and an unforeseen upward trend of transmission repairs within the last seven months, totaling $23,490. Furthermore, we have received notice from Van De Pol, our oil and lubricant vendor, that beginning March 15th, prices would be increasing 8-15%. Without the increases to these accounts, we are on track to spend 17% over budget, totaling $48,000.

Fuel costs have increased dramatically during this fiscal year, and it has had a significant financial impact. Price per gallon has risen from $2.79 since September 2021 to $5.20 per gallon in the last month resulting in an increase of 40.72%. We have been working diligently to keeping departments up to date on vehicle use charges. By continuing working with departments to ensure timely repairs, and on time Preventive Maintenance Inspections, we can mitigate the impact of rising fuel costs and vehicle use charges.

Program Changes: Fleet Management is not requesting any specific program changes as part of the FY 22-23 budget proposal.

This concludes the annual budget memorandum for the Fleet Management Department. I look forward to working with the Board of Supervisors through the budget process. Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions regarding this Department’s proposal.

Thank you for your consideration of this budget as submitted.

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