Strategic Priorities

Fiscal Year 2022-23

The Vision Statement and Mission of the Board serves as the foundation of the County's priorities.

Rendering of the new Criminal Justice Center



Criminal Justice Center Commissioning

The number one priority for the County in the 2022/23 fiscal year is the commissioning of the new Criminal Justice Center and co-located mental health services.

Services for the new Criminal Justice Center are focused on reducing the jail population, cutting costs and increasing efficiencies. For more information regarding the project, please see the "Need\Benefit" information on the Yavapai County website.

Employee Compensation

The Board of Supervisors is committed to providing the employees of Yavapai County with fair and competitive salaries and benefits. As part of that commitment, the county is engaging in a comprehensive compensation study that will assist in aligning the County's salaries and benefits with market trends. It is intended that this information be to be incorporated into the salaries for the 2023 fiscal year budget.

Picture of Piggy Bank depicting importance of supporting employee compensation as a FY23 budget priority
Picture of the cogs of wheels exemplifying process improvements


Process Improvements and Efficiencies

The Board of Supervisors takes its role as the stewards of Yavapai County finances seriously. As one of the top priorities, departments are encouraged to continually make improvements and create efficiencies in their processes where possible without reducing the services to the community at large.