Budget Calendar

Yavapai County

Budget Process Flow


  • Budget Preparation
    • Revise Process/Forms/Templates/Schedules
    • Roll Budgets/Live and OpenGov
    • Create Base Budget
    • Update Workforce and Cost Elements
  • Budget Development
    • Board Study Session
    • B´╗┐oard Outreach to the Public
    • Set Strategic Goals for Upcoming Budget


  • Budget Proposal Submittal
    • Regular Department Budgets Due to County Administrator (Early March)
    • Preliminary Budgets to Board of Supervisors (Early April)
    • Special Public Hearings for Department Requests
  • Budget Review
    • Review of Regular Departmental Budgets
    • Review of Revenue Projections


  • Budget Development (continued)
    • Create Departmental Budgets
    • Departments selected for Transparency Budgeting Begins
    • Discussion and Development of Major Capital Budgets


  • Budget Review and Preliminary Approvals
    • Approval Budget Requests (Ex. 3's - First Public Meeting in May)
    • Department Appeals - (Second Public Meeting in May)
    • Board Budget Study Sessions (Action Item Public Board Meetings)


  • Budget Development (continued) and Transparency Submittal
    • Board Retreat
    • Determine Budget Assumptions
    • Review of Major Capital Budgets
    • Transparency Department Budgets Due
    • Review of Transparency Department Budgets
    • Preliminary Revenue Projections are Developed
    • Last week of January - Remaining Departments Begin Process


  • Budget Approval
    • Tentative Budget Approval - (First Monday in July)
    • TNT Hearings If Necessary
    • Final Budget Approval and Adoption - (First Monday in August)

For detailed schedules please go to the following links:

Yavapai County Budget Preparation Schedule FY23

Board of Supervisors Budget Study Sessions FY23