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Bagdad-Yarnell Justice Court

Honorable Dennis Dowling

Justice of the Peace

P.O. Box 65, Yarnell, AZ 85362


Mission Statement

The Bagdad-Yarnell Justice Court is pledged to treat everyone in a patient, dignified and courteous manner. The Judge and Court Staff also pledge to deal with all matters consistent with the principals of due process in a manner which is timely, unbiased, non-prejudicial and otherwise fair to all parties. All within the framework of the law.

Budget Memorandum

The court is accessible at two locations prepared to protect the interests of justice and the liberty of our residents with diligence, excellence, and grace.

As for goals our precinct accomplished in the last fiscal year, we have built on the foundation that was set in place by

opening two court facilities. Court and staff processes were streamlined to be able to have two functional facilities

without the need to ask for additional staff, and currently staff is able to operate without difficulties meeting the needs of both.

Our primary goal for the year is to continue building on the advancements of the past few years and continue serving our constituency with the upmost grace. Another continuing goal is to be able to further integrate technology into our operations. Internet capability and capacity is lacking in our rural area. A primary goal is to develop and fund the execution of a plan to overcome this hurdle.

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