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Kevin Blake, Director

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Mission Statement

To efficiently and effectively provide information, geospatial data and applications to Elected Officials, all Yavapai County departments and its citizens in order to promote informed decision making, provide better public support, and encourage collaboration across all levels of government by enhancing, maintaining, and providing current and complete information and geospatial data.

Department's Message

Yavapai County's enterprise GIS implementation is a central service group, which has formally been designated as the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Department. GIS performs GIS services on behalf of the entire enterprise and coordinates the efforts of many diverse County departments, as well as, local governments, state government, private companies, general public, and various agencies (i.e., Fire Districts, special tax districts, etc.) GIS will serve as a core group of service-oriented individuals dedicated to providing expertise, support, training, and/or assistance to County departments, Local Governments and Agencies, and the general public. YavGIS will also serve as a mechanism to improve GIS technology and its relationship to daily business functions.

With a focus on providing GIS services, GIS will be an ENABLING organization that establishes technical standards through concensus and facilitates GIS education through "technology transfer". It serves as a leader in advancing the automation and modernization of land administration practices and leveraging existing "location-based" projects to maximize their use across County participants. In addition to being a mechanism to improve "location-based" data management, YavGIS facilities strategic decision-making, and leverages existing GIS expertise in a one or more participating organizations.

Under strong leadership and technical resources, GIS provides several key services on behalf of the program. When performed centrally, those services eliminate duplication of effort and promote the development of agency-specific systems.



GIS Organizational Chart


1. The GIS Department has continued to be successful in supporting the County and Department goals and objectives. This includes thousands of hours of maintenance of applications and data (parcels, streets, address, etc.) throughout the County.

2. Have answered numerous phone calls (1500+ a year) and email responses (500+ a year) from the public.

3. Creation of web-based dashboards and storymaps to review information in a map as well as in graphs and charts. Such as the Citizens and Congress Cemetery dashboards, Elections Results dashboard, and the Wildfire Protection Plan storymap. Also, create new tools and applications for various departments throughout the County.

4. Improved the Treasurer Tax Sale application as well as the Board parcel sale and Parcels to State application.

5. Trained approximate 50 employees on introduction to ArcMap/ArcGIS Pro, advanced GIS, addressing, and other GIS specialty training. We have done numerous training class on how to use the GIS online mapping applications and other County web applications to Prescott Area Association of Realtors, as well as, many other entities and citizens.

6. Creation of the Comprehensive Plan survey application and results dashboard.

7. Able to bring in over $16,000 for fiscal year 2021-2022 so far of the sales of GIS services, agreements, data, and maps.

8. Involvement with AGIC (Arizona Geographic Information Council, a Legislative Board for the State of Arizona appointed by the Governor), with Kevin Blake being the Chairperson Elect for 2022 and Brian Bond being the Committee Chair of the 911 Committee.

9. Improvements to the Online GIS Interactive Mapping Application for users with new functionality and get more information to meet the needs of the citizens of Yavapai County.

10. Census data and analysis of population for various departments and elected officials. Developed a web application showing the history of the Census data from 1990-2020. Also, analysis with the Independent Redistricting Committee for the Legislative and Congressional Districts.

11. Internal migration of GIS software and hardware implementation to stay on within the supported technologies. GIS does all its own IT work, which includes development, customized applications, database administration, installation, training, tech support, etc.

12. Imagery and Lidar collaboration with Cities/Towns, State, and Feds.

13. Updated the Road and Street Atlas for the County.

14. 911/NextGen maintenance and support to keep up with the demands of the Sheriff’s office and the State. Kept accuracy rate above 98% to keep federal and State funding.

15. Migrating the Public Works sign shop in tracking sign assets in their new management software.


1. To use the successful development of the enterprise GIS program to promote Yavapai County as an information technology center in the United States.

2. To assist in GIS development and cooperation with Local Governments and Agencies.

3. To elevate the expertise of the GIS user community and support staff.

4. To continuously improve the content and accuracy of all GIS data sets.

5. To maintain a responsive GIS technology service delivery model.

6. To re-engineer business processes through the incorporation of GIS technology into the workflow of internal County departments.

7. To leverage developing technologies (Internet/Intranet, online mapping services, aerials, field collection, mobile, etc.) to enhance land records management in Yavapai County.

8. To maintain open communication with the staff.

9. To maintain constant communication with the Public at all times. To do our best in dealing with questions, concerns, problems, complaints, whether on the phone or in person.

10. To measure our capabilities not from what we learned in the past or for what we achieved today, but by what we will do better tomorrow.

Time Allocation

2021-2022 GIS Time Allocation


Adult Probabtion 1%

Arizona Geographic Information Council 2%

Assessor 5%

Attorney 1%

BOS 5%

Census 5%


Development Services 7%

Elections 2%

External (Cities, State, Feds, other agencies) 4%

External (Public, Private Companies) 4%

Facilities 1%

Fleet 1%

Flood Control 6%

GIS 27%

Health 1%

Human Resources 1%

ITS 1%

Juvenile Probation 1%

Library District 1%

Medical Examiner 1%

Public Defender 1%

Public Works 10%

Recorder 1%

Schools 1%

Sheriff 7%

Superior Courts 1%

Treasurer 1%

TOTAL 100%

Please Note: GIS includes programming and coding of the

enterprise GIS applications, Research and Development,

Maintenance, Database Administration and Troubleshooting for

the entire enterprise GIS program for all departments and

external entities.


Yavapai County GIS will continue to facilitate enterprise GIS development through the development of common technical and data standards. Facilitated data distributed across jurisdictional boundaries will also be a major focus of GIS and Internet technologies will be leveraged where appropriate.



For full contents of the GIS budget memo, please use this link: Budget Memorandum