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Mayer Justice Court

Honorable Bill Rummer

Justice of the Peace

12840 Central Avenue, P.O. Box 245, Mayer, AZ 86333

928-632-7342 or 928-771-3355

Mission Statement

The Mayer Justice Court is pledged to treat everyone in a patient, dignified and courteous manner. Judge Rummer and Court staff also pledge to deal with all matters consistent with the principals of due process in a manner which is timely, unbiased, non-prejudicial and otherwise fair to all parties.

Budget Memorandum


The court provides civil and criminal jurisprudence in its jurisdiction which is the southeast “quadrant of Yavapai County. The Mayer Justice Court continues to be a visible part of the fabric and infrastructure of the people residing in its jurisdiction. The court’s outreach during the past eleven and a half years has included many law-abiding citizens who were otherwise virtually unaware of the justice court’s role in our communities. Internally, the court continues to enhance our citizen’s experience not only when they are defendants but also importantly as victims, parties to civil actions and as jurors.

Since the start of the pandemic through this month the court’s case load has dropped and whereas in the past the court has operated as a net source of income that will be unlikely until the effects of the pandemic are past.


§ “Customer” Service / Sentencing Enforcement - to continue the judge’s hands-on post sentencing compliance hearings with criminal defendants via increased Orders To Show Cause and “status review hearings” during the pandemic as well as telephonic hearings for defendants;

§ Fines Enforcement – continued the very timely use of sentencing enforcement tools including arrest warrants, license suspensions, etc. Also, we have continued to transfer collection cases from a private collection agency to F.A.R.E. Assigning delinquencies to F.A.R.E. permits tax return intercepts and vehicle registration stops until the fines are paid;

§ Pre-Trial Litigation Resolution - to continue and to enhance non-trial civil litigation resolution through pre-trial settlement conferences – especially those where the judge’s prior professional mediation experience can apply;

§ Community Service Orders – Once the pandemic has passed, we will continue to enhance the court’s community-service / community-outreach by maintaining a broad network of non-profit and governmental organizations who are the beneficiaries of court ordered community service hours. Due to the pandemic many civic and government entities won’t accept our “referrals”;

§ Alternative Sentencing - to continue to expand the use of a very successful counseling program named “Life Skills”. This court was one of the first in the state to implement American Community Correctional Institute’s program which is now used state-wide. This is a third-party provider program which is based on cognitive behavioral modification;

§ Continued Employee Satisfaction - this court has had one employee turnover since 2010. We work very hard to maintain cross-training and an enjoyable overall work environment that is detail oriented, customer oriented, statute and court rules oriented.