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The Information Technology Department (IT) provides leadership, governance and expertise in the development and deployment of modern technological resources to improve government efficiency and effectiveness. Furthermore, IT consistently strives for improvement by researching new technology trends and by promoting an ongoing pursuit of innovation within the department to empower our internal users while enhancing our citizenry’s access to government.

strategic plan goals

Goals (Strategic Plan Goal 5):

• Encourage collaboration and efficient utilization of technology through the procurement and implementation of innovative technology-based applications and equipment.

• Attain internal customer satisfaction of 90%, based on customer experience surveys, through the implementation of effective and practical technological resources that reduce outages and promote overall efficiency.

• Close 75% of help tickets (incidents) on first contact.

• Design and maintain a technology base that incorporates mobile and/or virtual utilization of the City’s various applications and products to increase our citizenry’s ease of access to their local government.

Performance Measures


• Average time needed to resolve help tickets (incidents) – 31 Hours

• Percentage of incidents closed on first contact – 70%

• Total number of general user devices managed - 720

• Internal employee satisfaction – 98%

• Number of new or improved business opportunities leveraging

technology -11

Results: FY 2022 Help Desk Data

• Total Requests completed by the Help Desk team- 3,746

• Total Requests completed by Help Desk Team with first contact: 915

• Percentage of Requests completed with first contact: 24%