zoning department



The Zoning Department is dedicated to administering the Zoning Ordinance and associated laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia and the City of Winchester, in a courteous, responsive, and professional manner, contributing to the overall sustainability, health, safety and well-being of the citizens. This includes working closely with City Council, the Board of Zoning Appeals, Planning Commission, and other appointed boards and commissions, the citizens of Winchester and the development community to enhance the quality of life of the City of Winchester.

strategic plan goals

Goals (Strategic Plan Goal 2):

• Provide a development environment which is transparent, consistent, fair, timely and equitable for all customers (residents, homeowners, contractors, design professionals, developers, etc.).

• Encourage development that provides a range of housing choices.

• Continue promoting redevelopment/development of previously identified catalyst sites as well as redevelopment sites and areas identified in the Strategic Plan.

• Implement a strategy to improve customer service levels resulting in faster and more streamlined permit approvals, answering of citizen inquires, and resolving zoning violations.


• Update Zoning Ordinance to match Comprehensive Plan, Strategic Plan, and Code of Virginia.

• Increase proactive enforcement by conducting walking tours, door-to-door visits, neighborhood civic group meetings, and inspection checklists.

• Update website and improve public awareness, including updating forms and create development guides to make new development and redevelopment projects easier to understand and complete.

Performance Measures: Outcomes/Trends

Zoning Performance Measures