Refuse & Recycling



The City provides the essential service of curbside refuse, recycling, and yard waste collection to all residences and some small businesses throughout the City. Collection of refuse and recycling occurs on a weekly basis throughout the year. Yard waste collection also occurs on a weekly basis in all months except January and February. Large and bulky items can also be scheduled and collected for a fee. The City does not provide large container (i.e. dumpster) service. The City charges all customers that receive refuse service a monthly fee based upon the size and number of City-supplied containers that each customer uses.

In FY 2023, the City will begin operating a glass crusher to recycle glass. Glass drop-off locations will be set up at multiple locations within the City to allow residents to bring their glass for recycling. The crushed glass material will be used as aggregate in construction projects.

strategic plan goals

Goals (Strategic Plan Goals 3 and 5):

• Foster a safe, healthy, and diverse community for all.

• Support the City’s high-performing operations with effective and open communication, innovation, and sound fiscal policies.

Performance Measures: Outcomes/Trends

The amount of refuse and recycling in the City has remained consistent the past several years. The following table summarizes five years of refuse and recycling collected:

Refuse Performance Measures