office of elections



The Office of Elections staff is committed to providing qualified Winchester residents the opportunity to register to vote and the opportunity to participate in fair, legal, safe and transparent elections. We are dedicated to helping each citizen exercise his or her right to vote in accordance with Virginia’s election laws, the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the Constitution of the United States. At the center of each daily task is the maintenance of Election Integrity.

All aspects of election administration and voter registration are governed by Code of Virginia §24.2 and Virginia Administrative Code Title 1 Agency 20.

strategic plan goals


To administer voter registration and conduct Elections in accordance with Federal and State voter registration and election laws. (Strategic Plan Goal 4)


Voter Registration-

• Complete all voter list maintenance functions to ensure registration lists are as accurate as possible

• Provide written communication to voters regarding their polling location, Ward, House, Senate, and Congressional Districts

Election Administration

• Process filings to qualify candidates desiring to be on the ballot

• Receive and document campaign finance reports for all local candidates

• Order and approve the coding of voting system & printing of paper ballots

• Successfully load elections onto voting system to equipment prior to each election

• Oversee Logic & Accuracy testing of voting system to demonstrate accuracy of vote tabulation

• Recruit and train Officers of Elections to be proficient in all areas of polling place work

• Maintain and staff the Election Office polling place 45 days prior to all election days for voters opting to vote early

• Process all absentee ballot applications and ballots in a timely manner

• Successfully conduct Election Days with polls opening and closing on time

• Update, compile, and pack forms and supplies for each polling place

• Perform all procedures necessary for deployment of accurately designed electronic poll books, prepare emergency paper poll books

• Administratively maintain the disposition (approval & meeting standards) of seven polling locations in the city, assuring fulfillment of state and federal requirements

• Assists Electoral Board in Official Canvass of Election Results

• Maintain security plan for voting equipment

• Compile election night results data & statistics; submit to Department of Elections

• Maintain Election Day Emergency Plan; Coordinating with City Emergency Management

• Complete routine in educational coursework offered by the Department of Elections and through both of the state associations for Election Professionals; Director maintains state-required certification

• Maintain understanding of current election law. Stay informed of new legislation and its impact on future election administration

• Maintain public information and written communications regarding elections, deadlines, and changes in polling places


Office of Elections Performance Measures