planning department



The Planning Department assists City Council, the Planning Commission, the Board of Architectural Review, other appointed boards and commissions, and the citizens of Winchester in anticipating the future needs and desires of the community and ensures that physical development within the community is consistent with that vision. This assistance includes long-range planning primarily in the form of the Comprehensive Plan that involves inventorying and analyzing existing demographic, economic, environmental, land use, transportation, and community facility patterns and projecting future trends. Staff also conduct current planning (development plan review), transportation planning, and provide information services such as maintaining updated zoning maps and the City’s street addressing system.

strategic plan goals

Goals (from 2021 Strategic Plan Goals 2 through 4):

2. Building Winchester - Establish the foundations for a vibrant community by stimulating development of affordable housing and revitalizing catalyst sites.

3. Strengthening Winchester - Foster a safe, healthy community with ample opportunities for recreation and wellness.

4. Moving Winchester - Facilitate the movement of people and goods around the city in all modes with comfortable sidewalks and trails and safe streets.

OBJECTIVE 2.3 Promote and partner to trigger redevelopment of Catalyst sites

Publish, distribute, and promote the Comprehensive Plan, updated and subsequently adopted by Council in March of 2022 in order to guide development of Catalyst and other Redevelopment sites called out in Chapter 11 of the Plan. Promote residential infill in the downtown and as a component of mixed land use in key redevelopment areas outside of the downtown.

OBJECTIVE 3.3 Work to establish a quality park within a 10-minute walk of every home in Winchester. Identify potential locations for new city parks and/or green spaces and encourage applicants for PUD rezonings to dedicate neighborhood park land.

OBJECTIVE 4.3 Expand biking facilities and make traffic adjustments that improve cyclist safety. Work with NSVRC to implement a bike sharing program in the City.

Objective 4.5 Continue development of the Green Circle Trail. Assist with planning and implementation of the final segments of the Green Circle Trail and other efforts to improve walkability and safe biking in the City.


Ensure continuous gateway improvement within Corridor Enhancement (CE) Districts as called out in the adopted Comprehensive Plan and Strategic Plan.

Promote historic preservation good community design consistent with Historic Winchester District Design Guidelines.

Continue improving information services, including an updated street addressing master list and creation of an electronic site plan archives.


Planning Performance Measures Table