Victim Witness Program

Providing assistance to victims of crimes in the City of Winchester

Winchester’s Victim Witness Program provides services to Victims and Witnesses of Crime. We help victims through the Judicial process with the Commonwealth's Attorney's Office to prepare for their cases. We provide courtroom support, new updates on their case, continuance notifications and the final outcome of the cases. We also assist with filing compensation through the Virginia Victims Fund. Victim Witness assists the Commonwealth's Attorney in locating victims for trial and setting up trial preparation. The office offers support throughout the trial process for the victims and their families. If there is restitution due for losses resulting from the crime, we will prepare a restitution statement to the court for the Judge to order restitution. We also provide employer and student intervention, transportation arrangements for out of state victims and witnesses. We work with the jail and Department of Corrections for prisoner release notifications to the victims.

Were does our funding come from?

The Federal Government “Victim’s of Crime Act”, the Commonwealth of Virginia & the City of Winchester all contribute funds into the Program totaling $208,278.85 to provide Victims and Witnesses services throughout the Judicial process and beyond. See below for our expenses since FY 2012 for our program.

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