Goal 3: Advance The Quality Of Life For All Winchester Residents

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Quality of life is a necessary element if the city is to be viable and attractive to new businesses, residents and visitors. Quality of life has many factors, including but not limited to, a safe and active community that supports life-long learning experience.

Based on the citizen survey, the below areas were identified as the top three areas of improvement importance:

  1. Street maintenance

  2. Quality of public education

  3. Management of traffic flow

The City will target these areas and work with Winchester Public Schools to make improvements.

In order to continue to sustain and enhance overall community satisfaction, it is necessary to increase, identify, and support community events that serve, and enrich a diverse community. In addition, the City can support the community while promoting public safety through the development and maintenance of the City's infrastructure, crime-prevention activities, recreational opportunities and transportation alternatives.

Performance measure data below is as of June 30, 2019.

Objective A: Increase cultural, recreational and tourism-related opportunities in Winchester

Concerts in Old Town
Rockin' Independence Eve
Liberty 5K

Objective B: Develop and maintain Winchester's infrastructure

Objective C: Promote and improve community safety

To view associated accomplishments for Goal 3, visit www.winchesterva.gov/strategic-plan-accomplishments.