Goal 2: Promote & Accelerate Revitalization Of Catalyst Sites & Other Areas Throughout The City

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The City of Winchester has several areas classified as catalyst sites in the 2011 Comprehensive Plan (and 2014 update). These sites are underutilized or hold great potential to contribute more to Winchester's economy, such as Meadow Branch Avenue, Ward Plaza, Berryville Avenue, National Fruit and Old Town.

Although these sites will continue to be the emphasis of redevelopment or development, the City will target other focus areas for future commercial, residential and mixed-use development. The timing on many of these projects is driven by the market and the participation of current property owners. However, by keeping these projects in the forefront, it empowers the City to take advantage of or encourage development opportunities as they arise.

Including sites which have begun the revitalization process in the strategic plan allows City staff to continue supporting future growth and investment.

Performance measure data below is as of June 30, 2019.

Objective A & B: Promote, or continue to promote, redevelopment and development of current and newly identified catalyst sites

To view associated accomplishments for Goal 2, visit www.winchesterva.gov/strategic-plan-accomplishments.