Goal 4: Improve City Services & Advance The Strategic Plan Goals

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In order to adequately serve the City's diverse and ever-changing community, the City of Winchester must implement innovative ideas to improve efficiency and government transparency. By launching time-saving and customer-friendly software and implementing new service enhancements will improve the City's interaction with customers and encourage open communication.

Completion of these various action items will assist with the implementation of all other Strategic Plan goals, objectives and strategies.

Performance measure data below is as of June 30, 2019.

Objective A: Implement cost saving innovative internal strategies to improve efficiency

Couple walking in Jim Barnett Park
John Handley High School
Color with a Cop event

Objective B: Increase government transparency and communication capabilities

Objective C: Enhance service delivery to residents, economic partners and visitors

There are no performance measures associated with this objective (only targeted accomplishments).

To view associated accomplishments for Goal 4, visit www.winchesterva.gov/strategic-plan-accomplishments.