City Sheriff/Courthouse Security



The Winchester Sheriff's office is responsible for overall security within the Joint Judicial Center (JJC). Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, scanning persons entering the JJC with the use of magnetometers and x-ray machines. The Sheriff's Office provides overall security of the JJC and all of the court rooms, except Frederick County's Circuit Court. Other responsibilities include jury security, processing civil papers, criminal paper service, evictions, prisoner, and juvenile transports and out of state extraditions. The Winchester Sheriff’s Office has agreed to serve as a willing agency for the City of Winchester for the transportation of mental health person under a TDO. Although not the primary law enforcement agency for Winchester City, The Winchester Sheriff's Office may respond to calls for service, write reports, issue summonses, and make arrest when there is a violation of State or City Code. Prisoners housed within the JJC are the responsibility of the Winchester Sheriff's Office until they are returned to the Jail or released by the courts.

strategic plan goals

Goals (Strategic Plan Goal 3):

• Provide a professional work environment that attracts and retains a diverse group of quality applicants.

• Reward employee excellence and promote leadership through education and training.

• Improve city services and advance the strategic plan goals by promoting a culture of transparency, efficiency, and innovation.

• Assure effective judicial and detention processes and services.


• Continue Accreditation Status

• Maintain and expand the Body Worn Camera Program

• Maintain the safety and security of the Joint Judicial Center and the Citizens of Winchester

• Actively work to improve community relations

• Implement initiatives to improve Deputy’s wellness

• Search for and attempt to obtain grants to help supplement the budget


Sheriff Performance Measures