Goal 1: Economic Growth

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The City of Winchester continues to hear from our largest advanced manufacturing employers about the continuing need for a workforce with technical skills.

The City recognizes the importance of having a ready, versatile workforce to create a diverse pool of potential employees with the requisite skills our employers need. The City should help facilitate a steady supply of local workers who have the necessary education, including reading, math and writing. These skills will allow employers the opportunity to provide on-the-job technical training and prepare employees for a long career within their organization.

Allocating appropriate resources to promote Winchester as a place with many advantages to those looking to move or expand their business will help promote Winchester as a place of opportunity. The City needs to improve how it conveys this message to potential businesses, workers and executives.

Performance measure data below is as of December 31, 2019.

Objective A: Increase effectiveness of workforce development efforts

Old Town Skyscape

Objective B: Increase effectiveness of business retention, attraction and expansion efforts

Creekside Station
Apple Blossom Mall Cinema
Old Town Winchester

Enterprise Zone map

Objective C: Support local businesses through destination branding and marketing to visitors

To view associated accomplishments for Goal 1, visit www.winchesterva.gov/strategic-plan-accomplishments.