Strategic Plan Progress

Stay updated on our progress on key community outcomes

Status: On Track

Encourage sustainable economic growth and partnerships through business and workforce development

We will achieve Economic Growth by focusing on three core objectives

  1. Increase effectiveness of workforce development efforts by building on existing collaborative partnerships between the City and local organizations

  2. Increase effectiveness of business retention, attraction and expansion efforts

  3. Support local businesses through destination branding and marketing to visitors

Status: On Track

The City of Winchester has several areas classified as catalyst sites in the 2011 Comprehensive Plan (and 2014 update). These sites are underutilized or hold great potential to contribute more to Winchester’s economy: Meadow Branch Avenue | Ward Plaza | Berryville Avenue | National Fruit | Old Town.

We will achieve revitalization by focusing on two core areas:

  1. Continue promoting redevelopment/development of previously identified catalyst sites

  2. Identify additional targeted areas and promote redevelopment/development of areas not previously identified as catalyst sites

Status: On Track

Quality of life is a necessary element if the city is to be viable and attractive to new businesses, residents and visitors. Quality of life has many factors, including but not limited to, a safe and active community that supports life-long learning experience. Based on the city survey, the following areas were identified as key areas of improvement; street maintenance, quality of public education and management of traffic flow.

We plan to advance our residents' quality of life by focusing on the following areas

  1. Increase cultural, recreational and tourism-related opportunities in Winchester

  2. Develop and maintain Winchester’s infrastructure

  3. Promote and improve community safety

Status: On Track

In order to adequately serve the city’s diverse and ever-changing community, the City of Winchester must implement innovative ideas to improve efficiency and government transparency. By launching time-saving and customer-friendly software and implementing new service enhancements will improve the City’s interaction with customers and encourage open communication.​

We plan to improve city services by focusing on the following areas

  1. Implement cost saving innovative internal strategies to improve efficiency

  2. Increase government transparency and communication capabilities

  3. Enhance service delivery to residents, economic partners and visitors