Meter and Sidewalk Replacement Project

10,000 water meters and $4M of sidewalk improvements

Project Overview

The City has begun upgrading approximately 10,000 old water meters throughout the city. These new meters will be more efficient and accurate. In various areas, sidewalks around the new meters will be replaced or trip hazards fixed. This major project will take approximately four years to complete.

Water meter


Old meter

Replacing the city's old meters (touch pad) with radio-read meters will improve meter accuracy when measuring water flow and usage and efficiency as they do not need to be physically touched to be read by City staff. The new meters can be read with a radio device by standing near or driving by allowing staff to collect data quickly. Meters and the boxes that hold them are designed to last 20 years and a lot of the city meters and boxes being replaced are older and in poor condition.


New meter box
  1. March 2018 - Bids processed and contractor selected

  2. June 2018 - Funding received

  3. July 2018 - Project begins

  4. December 2022 - Project completed

Total Project Cost: $16M

  • $12M = Meter replacements

  • $4M = Sidewalk replacements

  • Funded with revenue bonds as planned with the utilities rate increases implemented in 2017

water heater with expansion tank

Expansion Tanks Needed

An expansion tank may be needed on your water heater. The City will pay for the tank and installation or will provide a $200 credit for the property owner to install it themselves or have it installed by a contractor. The tanks are important due to backflow prevention valves being installed in the new meters. The tanks will allow water to expand and help minimize the risk of pressure damage to the plumbing system. Letters will be mailed to customers with instructions before the project reaches their area. The work is being conducted in phases, so not all customers will be notified at the same time.

Fairmont Avenue Sidewalk Project

Sidewalk replacements on Fairmont Avenue from Washington Street to the National Fruit property began the week of July 23, 2018.

November 9, 2018 UPDATE: Work on the new sidewalks continues and is expected to be completed by the end of November. Fairmont Avenue between Piccadilly and Wyck is scheduled to be repaved starting on Monday, November 19 (weather permitting).

Sidewalk Replacement

Fairmont Sidewalk

Brick sidewalks will be replaced with brick and concrete sidewalks will be replaced with concrete. In addition, all new sidewalks and driveway entrances will be ADA accessible.

Curb and Gutter Improvements

Curb issues

Curbs along Fairmont will be fixed and raised where needed for consistency and safety.

Tree Removal and New Plantings

Large tree issue

Eleven trees will be removed from Fairmont Avenue: red oak (1), Callery pear (1), sugar maple (7), ash (1) and Norway maple (1). These trees are dead, dying or are unhealthy and are causing sidewalk and ADA issues.

Seventy new trees will be planted on Fairmont Avenue: kousa dogwood, paperbark maple, Eastern redbud, serviceberry, Okame cherry, Princeton American elm, red maple, river birch, ginko, London planetree.

Project Overview Video

Watch this video for an explanation of the project and how your property may be affected (City of Winchester's news show, publiCITY, episode #1).