Municipal Court

FY 2021-2022 Annual Budget

Organizational Chart


The Municipal Court is created by City Charter charged with jurisdiction over violations of City ordinances, traffic laws, class C misdemeanors, and similar statutes within its legal boundaries. The Court is presided over by a City Council-Appointed Municipal Court Judge. The Municipal Court’s mission is to act as an impartial forum to address legal charges brought against an individual. The Court schedules appearances before a judge, summons jurors, collects fines as levied, issues writs and warrants, and performs any administrative duties as necessary.

Budget Summary

Personnel Summary

2020-2021 Accomplishments

  1. Assisted with implementation of new customer service entrance area
  2. Worked with other departments to implement online court payment and processing platforms
  3. Hired one court clerk position and started job training activities
  4. Implement Content Manager into court related processes and procedures
  5. Assisted police in implementing ticket writers and data transfer to court
  6. Continue to provide residents with court services with reduced resources due to pandemic impact and concerns
  7. Assisted with document purge and re-organization of records room


  1. Consistently maintain accurate records for court operations and court sessions
  2. Activily pursue the purchase and implementation of client access court software
  3. Age purge 2010 and prior citations to free up file space for incoming citations
  4. Maintain a contract with an outside agency to collect warrants which remain outstanding after 60 days after effort to collect is exhausted in-house
  5. Professionally provide citizens with clear information on all court procedures

FY22 Objectives

  1. Work with Marshal's office to actively pursue warrant collections
  2. Use social media and website services to provide public service announcements to build public awareness within the community
  3. Build and maintain court operation SOP handbook and data base
  4. Annually maintain Texas Municipal Court Education Center (TMCEC) certification CEU's for deputy court clerk
  5. Implement defendant text messaging services.
  6. Implement additional services for online court services through kiosk software
  7. Begin to actively process, inventory, and move court documents and records to off-site storage
  8. Routinely record and analyze third party warrant collection efforts based upon performance
  9. Provide court customers with easy access to informational brochures and forms, both printed and electronic, to include website updates and community service opportunities

Performance Measures

Performance Measures

Performance Measures

Performance Measures