Comprehensive Plan 2040 Goals & Objectives Overview

2021-2022 Annual Budget

The Comprehensive Plan is a tool intended to be used by City staff, elected officials, and residents to guide future growth, and redevelopment of the City for the next 10 to 20 years. The primary way the Plan accomplishes this is by establishing a vision for the City and then providing guidance on how to grow in accordance with the vision. The vision was formulated from resident and stakeholder input regarding the City's unique assets, characteristics and their 20-year outlook for the City. The vision is a critical component of the Plan because it connects all the puzzle pieces together. These pieces consist of the community's desire, the City's existing physical and economic state, and the community's aspirations for the future, and together they help compose the overall big picture. The big picture is representative of where the City wants to be in the future. The vision is then supported by goals and objectives that the City should follow once the Plan is adopted so the vision can come to fruition.

Goal Summary

# 1 - Improve and enhance the visual identity of commercial corridors

# 2 - Establish Special Areas to promote vibrant, walkable destinations

# 3 - Address incompatible land uses by re-examining land use patterns

# 4 - Ensure adequate access to undeveloped parcels and opportunity sites

# 5 - Promote and preserve access to nearby interstate systems

# 6 - Enhance roadway design to increase connectivity and encourage alternative modes of transportation

# 7 - Provide on-going maintenance for public infrastructure and facilities

# 8 - Protect and strengthen neighborhoods to improve quality of life

# 9 - Protect the City's natural assets and unique qualities that contribute to the City's hometown feel