FY 2021-2022 Annual Budget

Organizational Chart


The City of White Settlement is a wholesale customer of the City of Forth Worth which purchases water through 3 wholesale meter stations. The City currently operates 5 of the 8 ground water wells.

The Water Division operates, maintains, and repairs approximately 451,877 linear feet of pipe line ranging in diameter from 2 inches to 30 inches of water mains, 309 fire hydrants, mainline valves, and about 6,138 service connection lines. The division is responsible for ensuring that water is delivered to customers with sufficient pressure to meet both regulatory standards and emergency fire safety requirements.

The Water Division is responsible for producing and supplying quality water that complies with all federal and state water quality standards, while meeting system demands at all times.

Budget Summary

Personnel Summary

2020-2021 Accomplishments

  1. Assisted meter department with installation of large meters
  2. Repaired/replaced 26 water valves ranging from 2" - 12"
  3. Repaired/replaced 11 fire hyrdrants
  4. Repaired 42 main breals
  5. Built a tool cage
  6. Uncovered buried water main valves


  1. Comply with all performance measures and keep track via work oders with all the proper information
  2. Improve service levels and efficiencies of existing operations
  3. Implement Fire Hydrant Replacement Program to include replacing 4-5 hydrants a year
  4. Annual inspections of our mainline water valves and fire hydrants to help minimize the amount of time needed to repair water service disruptions
  5. Implement hydrant maintenance and painting make it easier for the Fire Department to locate for fighting fire
  6. Continue upgrading water mains prone to leaks in conjunction with other related Capital Projects
  7. Create a Water Mainline Valve Exercising Program

FY22 Objectives

  1. Monthly staff meetings to provide updates, deliver announcements, solicit feedback, share information, and to ask or answer any questions
  2. Enhance communication regarding city services between staff and residents as well as within the department
  3. Identify and maintain all the fire hydrants (working/not working) within the City, to get 99% of them operational
  4. Reduce volume of water loss by locating, exercising and maintaining water valves. Ensure adequate fire protection by exercising, flow testing, and maintaining fire hydrants
  5. Improve overall condition of existing water system by installing or replacing existing water main
  6. In conjunction with the ArcGIS database program; all water valves will be identified and located

Performance Measures

*Disclaimer - Staff used the best available information.

Performance Measures

*Disclaimer - Staff used the best available information.