City Marshal

FY 2021-2022 Annual Budget

Organizational Chart


The City Marshal’s office is responsible for bailiff duties, security and police presence during court sessions, warrant services, and fire marshal duties. The City Council created the City Marshal’s office through the City Charter with all duties related to the resolution and collections of outstanding warrants via means of communication, negotiation, concession and/or conciliatory means to maximize collections for the City. The Office’s mission is to protect and serve the community’s quest for a peaceful and safe existence, free from fear, and with democratic values applied equally to all citizens.

Budget Summary

Personnel Summary

2020-2021 Accomplishments

  1. Increase in homeless camp clean-ups
  2. Maintained continuing education hours for all Marshals
  3. Maintained certifications through Texas Commission on Law Enforcement, Texas Commission on Fire Protection, and Texas Department of Health


  1. Coordinate and administer the Warrants Program & Community Service Program
  2. Serve as the Municipal Court Bailiff and provide security and police presence during court sessions
  3. Ensure Fire Safety Standards are met

FY22 Objectives

  1. Maintain the collection process for outstanding warrants through warrant notifications
  2. Issue annual racial profile reports.
  3. Maintain certification for the City Marshal through the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) and through the Texas Marshal Association (TMA)
  4. Monitor School Zone Speed Limits.
  5. Provide municipal building security for City Council and Board meetings
  6. Investigate fires of suspicous origin
  7. Perform annual fire inspections on commercial businesses

Performance Measures

Performance Measures