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FY 2021-2022 Annual Budget

Organizational Chart


The City Manager’s Office is responsible for linking the goals and vision of the City Council with the administration, programs, and policies of the operations of the City of White Settlement's local government. The City Manager's Office executes Council directions; administers and is accountable for the financial integrityof the City's annual budget; develops and recommends solutions to address the community needs; provides information to Council and citizens on city city transactions, acitivities, existing conditions, events, and future requirements and issues that might affect the City. The City Manager's Office also fosters an atmosphere of "responsible city government", as evidence by an emphasis on implementing City Council direction, encouraging citizen engagement, improving organizational transparency and promoting diversity within the operational and organizational departments.

Budget Summary

Personnel Summary

2020-2021 Accomplishments

  1. Ended FY 2021 with a balanced budget
  2. Re-Opened Library, Recreation Center, and Senior Center (Not Fully at 100%) post COVID
  3. Completed Hackamore, Pemberton, and Clifford complete street capital (bond funded) projects
  4. Hired a new Public Works Director
  5. Successfully finalized a full-time fire department
  6. Completed County overlay projects (N. Judd, Merrit, Harwell)
  7. Started implementation of OpenGov software
  8. Increased use of IT consultant to support IT
  9. Hired Code Officer back post COVID
  10. Appointed Treasurer Officer on the Regional Coordination Committee Board
  11. Sucessfully managed the municipalities impact of the Winter Storm Uri 2021


  1. Effectively execute City Council policies, programs, and directives while adhering to the City Policies, State and Federal laws, and the Code of Ethics of the Texas City Management Association
  2. Ensure financial integrity of the City's budget
  3. Increase Communication and Transparency
  4. Focus on Economic Vitality
  5. Reliable and up-to-date Infrastructure
  6. Well-Planned Growth and Development
  7. Maintain Safe and Vibrant neighborhoods
  8. Progressive and Adaptive City Government

FY22 Objectives

  1. Participate in all Council meetings and workshops Set Realistic Expectation for Council and Residents
  2. Maintain high regards for ethics and responsible government
  3. Maintain a Balanced Budget
  4. Maintain All Fund Balance Reserves at Policy Levels
  5. Conduct regular meetings with individual and/or small group of directors
  6. Ensure Timely Communication with Council
  7. Continue to provide opportunities for citizen engagement to gather input on various community issues
  8. Create and distribute monthly reports to Council and the general public
  9. Continue to develop Social Media Programs
  10. Respond promptly to citizen comments and requests to ensure effective communication with residents within 3-5 business days
  11. Partnered with Real News Communications Network to highlight and promote positive events and aspects of the City of White Settlement across mulitiple media paltforms
  12. Increase Diversity of Tax Base
  13. Increase Taxable Values and Home Values
  14. Develop and implement a multi-year maintenance plan for all city infrastructure with an Asset Management Plan
  15. Maintain ongoing working interlocal relationships with the County for street overlay projects
  16. Work With the Finance Department to develop a Capital Improvement Plan
  17. Provide regular infrastructure updates to the public (water, sewer, streets, etc.)
  18. Ensure the Comprehensive Plan is adhered to on new projects throughout the City
  19. Complete scheduled projects by adhering to the establish Capital Improvement Plan
  20. Assist in bringing in new residential housing projects to the community
  21. Increase the number of Public Safety Personnel (firefighter & police officers)
  22. Focus on Code Enforcement issues through-out the City involving dilaidated and neglected properties
  23. Develop options for resident concerns on bulk trash issues while continuing Community Clean Up Events
  24. Identify and implement long-term plan for waste disposal
  25. Support community engagement with police and fire
  26. Maintain professional director staff and improve training for front line staff
  27. Develop and enhance employee diversity recruitment and retention initiatives
  28. Ensure staff trained on equity, diversity, and inclusion

Performance Measures

Performance Measures

Performance Measures