FY 2021-2022 Annual Budget

Organizational Chart


The White Settlement Police Department is a State Recognized Agency by the Texas Police Chief’s Association Best Practices Program and is dedicated to providing the highest level of service to the citizens by protecting our community. The Vision of the Police Department is “To make the City of White Settlement the safest place in Tarrant County to live, work or visit.” The Chief of Police is assisted in the administration of the Police Department by the Assistant Chief of Police. The Police Department is comprised of two distinct areas; Support Services and Operations.

The Support Services is responsible for the Criminal Investigations, Property & Evidence, the Communications Division, the Records Division, the Holding Facility, Backgrounds and Internal Affairs, Community Services, along with seasonal School Crossing Guards. The purpose of the Criminal Investigation Division is for follow-up investigations on most criminal offenses reported to the police department. The Property and Evidence unit provides secure storage for property and evidence which is turned in or seized by officers related to crimes until needed for court purposes or are no longer needed and released to owners. The Communication Division is operated 24 hours a day, seven days a week answering 911 emergency calls, providing two-way radio and computer aided dispatch with officers, and handling other calls for police service. The Records unit is responsible for the storage of all police records including offense reports, accident reports, and arrest reports, in addition to maintaining sex offender registrations. The Community Services unit is responsible for maintaining the departments social media pages, handling inquiries from the media and interacting with the citizens through meetings, events and other activities.

The Operations Division is the largest and most recognized division which consists of the Patrol Division and the Street Crimes Unit. The purpose of the Patrol Division is the maintenance of law and order through timely response to calls for service, preliminary investigation of criminal offenses, apprehension of persons committing crimes, enforcement of traffic laws and working vehicular accidents. Further, the patrol division enhances the furtherance of crime prevention efforts through interaction with citizens providing a deterrent through officer presence. The purpose of the Street Crimes Unit is to assign specially trained officers to focus on particular areas of the city where crime may be occurring or to assign officers to investigate narcotic activity occurring in the city. This unit also assists with arresting known individuals wanted for outstanding warrants and other special assignments as needed. The Operations Division also supports specially trained SWAT and Crisis Negotiation teams.

Budget Summary

Administration - 515

Patrol - 516

Dispatch - 519

Personnel Summary - 515

Personnel Summary - 516

Personnel Summary - 519

2020-2021 Accomplishments

  1. Successfully completed and obtained the departments third recognition as a Texas Best Practices agency through the Texas Police Chief Accrediation and Recognition Program
  2. Successfully passed an audit conducted by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement of employee files and training without any corrections
  3. Through active recruiting and background investigations increased allocated staffing levels in both Patrol and Dispatch divisions
  4. Able to staff SWAT and Crisis Negotiation Teams with enough members for those teams to be operational
  5. Contracted with DC Consulting to conduct an analysis of the Police Department, its policies, procedures, and Use of Force incidents, providing a report for recommendations


  1. Receive and dispatch calls for service in a timely and efficient manner
  2. Enter data into State and National databases without errors
  3. Promote crime prevention and awareness programs, educate all citizens in our community of special programs, and provide healthy community relationship and support
  4. Obtain full staffing to insure quick and effective response to community needs
  5. Reduce traffic accidents through traffic enforcement
  6. Provide sufficient patrol units to handle calls for service and conduct preventative patrol
  7. Assure investigations are accurate and detailed providing a quality product to enhance the probability of arrest and conviction
  8. Develop mental health outreach and victim programs for citizens and employees
  9. Reduce crime and enhance the solvability of crime through technology
  10. Maintain the department's Recognized Agency status by the Texas Police Chief's Association

FY22 Objectives

  1. Receive, input and dispatch Priority 1 calls within 4:00 and Priority 2 and 3 calls within 4:30.
  2. Maintain an average response time for Priority One calls to less than 3:30 and non-emergency calls to four minutes
  3. Enter data into State and National databases with less than .25% error rate
  4. Conduct one Citizen Police Academy.
  5. Conduct and/or attend 30 Community Service Events per year
  6. Increase hiring recruitment by going outside the DFW metroplex and complete applicant hiring and background investigations within 30 days
  7. Increase enforcement of traffic laws to reduce the number of vehicle accidents and traffic complaints
  8. Maintain four patrol units on patrol 80% of the time and five units on patrol 50% of the time
  9. Increase clearance rates above national average of Part I offenses by 1% and Part II by 1%
  10. Obtain grant funding to hire Mental Health Liasion to provide outreach and support services to the community and develop peer support members in the department
  11. Purchase and install license plate reader cameras along major throughfares in the city and share information with the City of Fort Worth to enhance solvability of criminal activity
  12. Review and update policies, conduct inspections, and perform audits to maintain compliance with the Texas Police Chief's Recognition Program

Performance Measures

Performance Measures

Performance Measures