FY 2021-2022 Annual Budget

Organizational Chart


The White Settlement Fire Department’s mission is to serve and protect the community through emergency prevention, education, preparedness and response. It provides protection of life, property, and the environment through fire suppression, HAZMAT mitigation, special rescue and emergency medical services. The White Settlement Fire Department also serves the community through fire safety and prevention programs, as well as non-emergency calls to service.

Budget Summary

Personnel Summary

2020-2021 Accomplishments

  1. Promoted Asst. Chief Logan to Fire Chief. Fire Chief Logan also obtained TCOLE certification With Fire Inspector and Investigator
  2. Quality and consistent emergency services provided throughout an unprecedented global pandemic
  3. The Fire Department saw a 300% increase in call volume during a winter storm of epic proportions
  4. Acquired 2 Zoll monitor/defribrillator for first out apparatus' (Engine 18) through CARES funds
  5. Acquired 2 LUCAS devices for first out apparatus' (Engine 18 and Rescue 18) through CARES funds
  6. Acquired a command / decontamination trailer through CARES funds to be utilized by Fire and Police personnel on special incidents
  7. Acquired a medical triage room at the fire station entrance through CARES funds
  8. Acquired a medical triage tent through CARES funds to provide patient care during mass casualty incidents
  9. Acquired a set of pneumatic rescue tools for extrication and forcible entry
  10. Improved equipment maintenance program and record keeping in compliance with TCFP
  11. Acquired 3 additional full-time Firefighters by the end of the FY. Making the Department 100% staffed with full time members
  12. Provided quality training for personnel in conjunction with various agencies
  13. Trained Fire Inspectors and Investigators on duty


  1. Provide comprehensive fire prevention and safety education programs
  2. Maintain reasonable response time for all calls
  3. Enforce fire codes
  4. nitiate safety inspection program
  5. Maintain a safe and efficient fleet for City operations
  6. Prioritize training and retention of current employees
  7. Advocate for Firefighter health and wellness
  8. Advocate for Department interopability in order to provide the best possible resources to our citizens

FY 22 Objectives

  1. Expand on Fire Prevention Program
  2. Maintain response time within five minutes of receipt of call
  3. Continue training goals set for Fire Department Personnel
  4. Expand Target Solutions applications for accurate record keeping
  5. Consider options for replacing our aging Ladder Truck
  6. Fulfill equipment needs through grant programs
  7. Replace aging building, electrical and plumbing supplies
  8. Increase department staffing to 6 on duty firefighters (minimum staffing 5). 5 FT and 1 PT employees
  9. Add an administrative assistant to alleviate some of the obligations given to operations personnel
  10. Increase pay to retain well trained personnel & cut cost for new hires
  11. Continue training Fire Department Personnel to current standards
  12. Establish Wild Land Certifications to be TIFMAS compliant
  13. Continue Firefighter health and wellness initiatives
  14. Repair Fire Department backup generator to ensure uninterruption of emergency services
  15. Enhance emergency management interoperability between Fort Worth and other Tarrant County departments
  16. Consider cost vs benefit of using Fort Worth dispatch center


Performance Measures

Performance Measures

Performance Measures