Utility Billing

FY 2021-2022 Annual Budget

Organizational Chart


The Utility Billing (UB) department reports to the Finance Director. The City has approximately 5,700 water meter accounts. On a monthly basis, approximately 600 accounts require additional collection actions, including processing cutoffs. The City is split into two billing cycles each month. The department’s responsibilities includes working with the meter technicians; processing and mailing out utility bills; processing utility payments; setting and closing accounts; answering and resolving customers’ questions; preparing work orders for the UB Department, the Public Works Department, the Maintenance Department, and the Fire Marshal; billing out the fire inspections for commercial businesses for the Fire Marshal; and processing general deposits for the City.

Budget Summary

Personnel Summary

2020-2021 Accomplishments

  1. Installed and implemented drive thru kiosk payments in April 2021
  2. Implemented e-billing to utility billing customers in 2021
  3. Replacement meter/transmitter program for all commercial accounts have been completed
  4. Increase in payment option methods available to customer and over 50% payment received through these methods reducing foot traffic
  5. Implemented E series valve meters for residential customers February 2021


  1. Establish and maintain positive relationships with customers through excellent customer servicve
  2. Control costs through creating operational efficiencies
  3. Provide accurate and timely meter readings on a monthly basis to customers
  4. Promote alternative forms of payment for Utility Billing customers and encourage contactless payment methods and electronic form submittal to reduce lobby foot traffic
  5. Minimize estimated readings thru installation of E series valve meters

FY22 Objectives

  1. Increase Eye on Water Customers
  2. Increase forms available online for customers to increase accessability
  3. Install transmitters on 20% of accounts
  4. Install meters on 20% of accounts
  5. Increase Web payments by 10%
  6. Increase ACH payments by 5%
  7. Increase IVR payments by 10%
  8. Increase Drive Thru payments by 5%
  9. Increase Kiosk payments by 5%
  10. Install E series meters on customer accounts with more than 6 cut offs in a 12 month period or at houses with less than ideal meter locations

Performance Measures

Performance Measures

Performance Measures

Performance Measures