Parks Maintenance

FY 2021-2022 Annual Budget

Organizational Chart


The Park Maintenance is responsible for the grounds maintenance, landscape enhancement, beautification, and development of the City’s park system and civic complex buildings. Furthermore, it manages approximately 101 acres in small parks, neighborhood and community park areas, public leisure recreational areas, ballfields, outdoor athletic courts, medians and easements throughout the City. In addition, there are 76 acres of street right-of-ways, 25-30 miles of curb and gutter, and selected vacant City lots; as determined by the City’s Manager’s office.

Budget Summary

Personnel Summary

2020-2021 Accomplishments

  1. Continued to maintain park system with reduced resources and personnel due to the pandemic
  2. Implemented and trained staff on a new industry specific work order software system
  3. Completed Central Park baseball ballfield renovations
  4. Completed Concession building vending machine areas


  1. Maintain and improve athletic and sports field areas in the park system
  2. Maintain and improve landscaping areas around public buildings and park facilities
  3. Maintain and improve playground facilities to a safe and acceptable manner which reflect in a positive manner on the community and its residents
  4. Maintain and improve overall appearance of the City's parks, major municipal sites, and right-of-way areas throughout the City
  5. Continue to maintain staff to current industry standards and licensing requirements
  6. Partner with other community service departments to provide programs and activities

FY22 Objectives

  1. Continue to make fence and backstop repairs as necessary
  2. Complete the practice field, tennis court resurfacing and adding tables and benches at John Griggs Park
  3. Repair and replace ingrees/egress sidewalks in and around sports complex areas
  4. Continue to use third party contractors to increase mowing frequency and reduce operating costs
  5. Make necessary playground repairs and improvements; such as fall area mulch, painting and part replacement
  6. Install new informational and wayfinding signage at playground areas
  7. Execute tree trimming maintenance around Municipal Complex for aesthetical and encroachment over hangs
  8. Improve smaller parks, including but not limited to security lighting, parking areas, picnic area, and seating areas
  9. Obtain pesticide applicators license, irrigation training and CPSI certification for all staff
  10. Maintain park and recreation industry affiliation and virtual staff meetings
  11. Assist in the support and operation of City sponsored special events and activities, to include other departments and programs throughout the City

Performance Measures