Chart of Accounts

FY 2021-2022 Annual Budget

Fund Structure

Fund Descriptions

General Fund

The General Fund is a governmental fund. It is established to account for all resources obtained and used for those services commonly provided by cities which are not accounted for in any other fund. These services include General Government, Public Safety, Public Works. and Culture & Recreation.

Debt Service Fund

The Debt Service Fund is used to account for accumulations of resources that will be used to pay debt obligations of the general government.

Major Fund Types

Major funds represent the significant activities of the City and basically include any fund whose revenues or expenditures, excluding other financing sources and uses, constitute more than 10% of the revenues or expenditures of the appropriated budget.

General Fund - 29.8%

W/S Capital Bond Fund - 16.2%

Enterprise Funds - 28.9%

Capital Project Funds

The Capital Projects are governmental funds and established to account for capital projects. The projects included in the capital projects budget are intended to improve or expand the city infrastructure, provide for significant maintenance requirements, or provide for the acquisition of large pieces of equipment.

Capital Bonds Fund

This fund accounts for the proceeds from bonds issued by the City and related capital expenditures for projects paid for with bonds.

Street Improvement Fund

This fund accounts for the Water & Sewer Franchise Tax Revenues designated for street improvement projects.

Proprietary Funds

Water & Wastewater Fund

This fund accounts for the provision of utility billing, meter services, water, wastewater, and sanitation services to the residents of the City. The City utilizes groundwater from wells and surface water from Fort Worth. Fort Worth also treats the City's sewer.

Splash Dayz Fund

This fund accounts for the operations and maintenance of the City water park and convention center. The water park was constructed in 2013-2014 with the hopes of leasing the operations to a third party. The City took over operations of the park starting the summer of 2016.

Stormwater Fund

This fund accounts for the operations and maintenance of the City's stormwater system. In 2005-2006, the City created the fund and implemented a stormwater fee to fund the operations and capital project needs of the City to reduce flooding and erosion.

Internal Service Fund

This fund accounts for the vehicle and equipment replacement program. In 2019-2020, the City created the fund to better allocate resources to replace vehicles and equipment. The City's enterprise lease program is funded here.

Special Revenue Funds

Special revenue funds are used to account for specific sources that can be legally spent for designated purposes only. All special revenue funds use the modified basis of accounting and budgeting.

Economic Development Corporation Fund

This fund accounts for the collection of .5% sales tax for economic development corporations. Funds are used to promote economic development based on laws.

Hotel/Motel Occupancy Tax Fund

This fund accounts for the levy and collection of excise tax upon hotels and motels. The 7% excise tax is collected for the purposes of promoting tourism.

Crime Control Prevention District

This fund accounts for the collection of .5% sales tax for crime control. Funds are used to prevent crime and funds eight officers in the General Fund.

Department - Fund Relationship