Management Information Services (MIS)

FY 2021-2022 Annual Budget

Organizational Chart


Management information services (MIS) strives to provide City departments with a operational, secure and reliable network environment so required information may be obtained in a timely manner for productivity and processses. In addition, assists all City departments in maintaining and replacing equipment for a stable network system, to include identifying future information technology (IT) needs, and assisting with the long-term planning process to meet these requirements.

Budget Summary

Personnel Summary

2020-2021 Accomplishments

  1. Implemented KnowBe4 security training software
  2. Completed public works sewer van software upgrade
  3. Completition of CARES Act Projects - laptops, security doors, Incode Content Manager, VOIP phones, Utility Billing & Municipal Court Kiosks, Library self-checkout kiosk, etc
  4. Conducted a third-party city wide system audit.
  5. Implemented two factor security password.
  6. Installed Crimes, Brazos, and Higherground servers at police
  7. Installed lockdown software on library public computers
  8. Installed WiFi antenna loop at the waterpark


  1. Provide City with improved cyber security
  2. Improve overall system organization and maintenance facilities, hardware and software
  3. Provide stable and secure email with reliable archiving
  4. Achieve PCI compliance and certification
  5. Planning for technology improvements that directly aligns with departmental goals

FY22 Objectives

  1. Create, distribute, and enforce a complex password policy
  2. Assist with implementation for Incode cloud services migration
  3. Hire a third-party to organize and rewire server panels in server mechanical rooms in all buildings
  4. Uninstall old infrastructure, inventory and discard outdated equipment
  5. Organize and audit aircards and phones billing
  6. Clean and organize server rooms across the City
  7. Purchase and configure new email system for archiving email and sending voicemail to email
  8. Hire a third party to audit and assist with obtaining PCI certification
  9. Hire a third-party contractor to perform audit and assist with obtaining PCI certification
  10. Upgrade and/or replace servers - Watchguard
  11. Continue to install, patch, configure, and test software for CJIS laptops for police as needed
  12. Install new network dishes and repair switch links
  13. Assist with audio/visual technology upgrades at the Council Chambers
  14. Setup and assist with implementation of digital ticket writers for Code and Animal Control
  15. Install new POS equipment and software upgrades at the waterpark
  16. Install new network dishes and replace and reprogram switch links
  17. Assist with FD/PD dispatch transition setup and data transfer processess
  18. Digital document data transfer to the new Crimes server
  19. Mobile office implementation for Code and Marshal

Performance Measures

Performance Measures

Performance Measures