FY 2021-2022 Annual Budget

Organizational Chart


In 2005-2006 the City created the Storm Water Utility Fund. It is the intent of the City to fund a Storm Water Utility System that fairly and equitably allocates the cost of storm water control to properties in proportion to storm water run-off potential for each class of property. Fees were established in order to recapture the estimated costs of handling the storm water run-off from properties inside the City limits. The fees were not assessed until March 2006. Funds may be used to acquire land, structures and associated engineering or architect fees, machinery, equipment, maintenance of the system or debt service for issued bonds.

The storm water department provides corrective and preventative maintenance to the City’s drainage infrastructure and flood control system. Storm Water is responsible for vegetation control and removal in channels, maintenance and development of the City’s drainage system which includes approximately 76 acres in greenbelt drainage areas within the park system, neighborhoods, drainage channels, vacant City properties/lots, street right-of-ways and curb and gutter throughout the City.

Budget Summary

Personnel Summary

2020-2021 Accomplishments

  1. Completed slope stabilization retaining wall project at Spur 341 and Boliger
  2. Cleared drainage water ways at Central Park and Westpoint Blvd
  3. Increased street sweeping activities throughout town
  4. Completed and submitted annual TCEQ MS4 permit


  1. Prevent flooding on roadway and right-of-way drainage in streets and neighborhoods within the City limits to adequately protect health, safety, and welfare of residents
  2. Provide consistent and effective drainage system management which reflects in a positive manner on the community and its residents
  3. Continue with public awareness and education campaigns about the importance of stormwater, flooding, and pollution issues as it pertains to the City's stormwater system
  4. Make necessary improvements to drainage channels/areas throughout the City in order to manage erosion, sediment removal, and vegetation control

FY22 Objectives

  1. Complete special projects designated to improve drainage facilities and infrastructure within the system
  2. Maintain routine drainbox cleaning schedules and necessary repairs
  3. Continue street sweeping activities on all streets and roadways
  4. Work with residents in maintaining drainage channels and low lying areas on private property
  5. Create an integrated stormwater management plan for the City
  6. Continue with quarterly and new hire stormwater education training
  7. Continue to utilize electronic billboards for mass delivery
  8. Continue with website, app, and social media public service announcement and education campaigns
  9. Increase the use of utility bill inserts to residents
  10. Continue to remove grass and debris from neighborhood street curb and gutter access
  11. Removal of debris and blockage in storm drains and under passes for positive drainage flows prior to high water events
  12. Increase mowing frequencies and vegetation removal in the Storm Water System
  13. Utilize third party contractor services to execute maintenance schedules

Performance Measures