Human Resources

FY 2021-2022 Annual Budget

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The Human Resources Division (HR) purpose is to serve as an aid to the City manager and to help meet City and Council objectives as they relate to employees, compliance, risk management, culture, and productivity. The Human Resources Division supports the City departments in minimizing employee risk and maximizing employee productivity through recruiting, retention, performance management, safety trainings, and transparent hiring practices.

HR administers the City’s compensation and benefits program; prepares and revises job classifications; and maintains employee records. HR works to educate, facilitate, and collaborate with departments in a professional manner to accomplish the goals of the City. The Division seeks to enhance its processes through transparent and efficient practices, while remaining compliant in all legal areas of the human resource profession.

The HR Manager serves as the City’s Civil Service Director. The Civil Service Director represents the municipality as liaison and secretary to the Civil Service Commission. Civil Service maintains the official test(s) for entry level and promotional Civil Service candidates, conducts investigation research for all appeals and hearings, maintains all files, and support for information in accordance to local Civil Service Rules.

The HR Manager serves as the City's Risk Management directs strategic planning, provides operational control and establishes rules, policies and procedures to accomplish risk management goals related to employee and workplace safety, loss control, claims objectives.

Budget Summary

Personnel Summary

2020-2021 Accomplishments

  1. Point of contact for each employee being furloughed and worked to ensure each employee was treated with dignity and had support as needed
  2. Helped employees enroll for Unemployment benefits, helped them navigate COBRA benefits and wrote letters of recommendation and as needed to gain assistance
  3. Reviewed, Revised and Completed and improved the City's employee handbook to help define the Cities core values, beliefs, key policies and procedures
  4. Ensured the City was compliant with legal, compliance, and ethics during the pandemic. During the pandemic HR implemented procedures, policies, and forms in response to the changing needs of the City employees. HR was point of contact for tracking each employee exposure, illness, directing them to medical care as needed. HR completed daily interactions with employees with strong HIPPA confidentiality and compassion
  5. Hardship requests due to changing needs in employees’ situations increasedworking with Finance and the employees for required documentation
  6. Permanent Layoffs: HR drafted the required documentation for each employee and took the added step to contact each person personally to advise them about the communication letter they would receive
  7. HR Coordinated with Higginbotham to create employee survey / questionnaire to get feedback on benefits from City employees
  8. Successfully tested for new police officer candidates, included pandemic safety guidelines
  9. Proctor of Lieutenant: Sergeant and Corporal tests for Police Department (PD); test questions were appealed, reviewed, revised accordingly, and presented to Civil Service Commission for approval
  10. HR conducted various degrees of investigations, inquiry, and responses to complaints from employees and citizens
  11. Cyber security training – completed City wide training for compliance with mandated Cyber security training
  12. Completed a City-wide audit of departments for required SDS/MSDS documents, including binders for each department stored in a central location at City Hall


  1. Partner with all City departments to maximize the potential of the Cities greatest assets our employees to reduce employee turnover, investing in our future thru our employee’s development and commitment
  2. Recruit and retain a skilled, diverse workforce
  3. Assist the Police Department, as the Civil Service Director, with entry level and promotional testing and conducting investigations, as needed
  4. Promote safety programs, learning and growth

FY22 Objectives

  1. Maintain accurate records of all personnel files, including records of pay, leave, benefits, FMLA, and workers compensation
  2. Assist department heads in identifying and promoting with guidance, employee relations and consulting
  3. Administer HR policies and programs effectively and efficiently, while maintaining internal customer satisfaction
  4. Conduct a review of City job descriptions for accuracy and compliance with state and federal rules and regulations
  5. Engage new employees early in the hiring process; find effective communication methods to keep/retain employees to decrease employee turnover; attract, hire and retain qualified employees
  6. Reduce involuntary terminations for full-time employees within the first year of employment
  7. Create, implement and participate in exit interviews for exiting employees to pinpoint opportunities for employee development, identify opportunities for constructive feedback, treating our leaving employees with respect and concern
  8. Analyze, Create and administer innovative and diverse programs to support employee development
  9. Increase average number of training hours per employee
  10. Conduct inspections of facilities to include all work areas; work with each department to identify any workplace hazards
  11. Review, revise and verify all departments have current up to date SDS / MSDS
  12. Partner with departments to support, develop, schedule and track training for departments based on the department’s needs to use strategic risk prevention thru training and awareness

Performance Measures

Performance Measures

Performance Measures