FY 2021-2022 Annual Budget

Organizational Chart


The Public Works Department provides basic municipal services that promote a healthy and safe environment for the residents of White Settlement and the general public. The Public Works Department is dedicated to ensuring that the infrastructure of the city so constructed and maintained to the highest standard in order to protect the health, welfare and safety of the citizens. Our goal is to provide responsive and courteous service.

The Public Works Department provides vital public services through planning, engineering, constructing, inspecting, operating, and maintaining the City's public infrastructure. This is accomplished by maintaining the streets, curbs, gutters, street and traffic sign replacement, pavement markings, drainage, water meters, and meter readings, waterline and wastewater systems by repairing streets, water line repair, and cleaning sewer lines.

The purpose of Public Works Administration is to coordinate all the Divisions under the Public Works Department to accomplish City goals and communicate department activities to the City Manager. The goal of this Division is to maintain a positive and motivated force to accomplish overall city goals and to ensure quality Public Works infrastructures and a safe environment by utilizing a team of professional's and a unified workforce. This Division is responsible for the general supervision and direction of all Public Works operations and facilities. The Public Works Department consists of five divisions which oversee: Water Distribution, Wastewater, Streets, Meter Services, and Public Works Administration. This Division prepares the annual budget for all the divisions under the Public Works Department.

Budget Summary

Personnel Summary

2020-2021 Accomplishments

  1. Brought in a new management team for Public Works, Streets and Water/Wastewater
  2. Initiated cross training across all departments
  3. Began immediate analysis of the infrastructures
  4. Added redundancy in TCEQ reporting to eliminate one person sole responsibility for reporting
  5. Began review of procedures, policies and work responsibilities
  6. Demanded increased production, quality and safety across all departments
  7. Started to hold all to a higher standard of accountability for their positions and work
  8. Established a new culture for excellence, integrity and quality for Public Works
  9. Began review of all SOP’s (Standard operation procedures)


  1. Improve service levels and efficiencies of all existing operations at Public Works
  2. Utilize and intergrate technology to increase operational efficiences
  3. Provide cost effective maintenance of the City's motor vehicle fleet and heavy equipment
  4. Administer construction projects within budget and on schedule
  5. Purchase an Asset Management Software system to assist in comprehensive reporting, managing, and work orders and asset for the public works departments
  6. Set targets for City services and infrastructure improvements for the upcoming year

FY22 Objectives

  1. Increase operational efficiency to improve internal and external customer service by training employees, placing a high standard on service levels, documenting and reviewing process, updating forms and creating SOPs for each division
  2. Purchase tablets for operations staff to access ArcGIS for on-site utility repairs
  3. Implement a daily or weekly routine check of vehicles and heavy equipment
  4. Continue to create and use the project book and jobsite assessment checklist for each project
  5. Explore options and funding to purchase a public works asset management software system
  6. Work with Communications Manager to review any and all notifications that need to be posted
  7. Establish dates for quarterly meetings with the City Manager, Public Works Director, Public Works Superintendent, Public Works Office Manager, Community Services Director, and the Finance Director to discuss reaching goals and infrastructure improvements