FY 2021-2022 Annual Budget

Organizational Chart


The Street Department provides both corrective and preventive maintenance to the City's streets by, repairing and providing preventive maintenance to all public streets and alleys; maintaining, repairing and installing street/traffic control signs; repairing potholes and minor incidents of street failure; sweeping the streets; cleaning and repairing curb and gutter; picking up trash, bulk trash collection and disposal; trimming trees and clearing brush; painting crosswalks; cleaning drainage ditches; cleaning, repairing and installing inlets and culverts is some of the work done by this Division. This Division is also responsible for inspections and repairs of any utility cuts made by various utility companies. This Division assist in barricading the streets for special events or in case of an emergency. Maintaining and improving community appearance by helping Code Enforcement with removal of homeless camps. Maintenance work is typically undertaken on either a scheduled (weather permitting) or condition-responsive basis. If weather permits, this Division completes requested pothole repairs within 48-hours of notification and responds to inclement weather conditions within two hours of notification by supplying barricades and other traffic control measures as necessary.

Budget Summary

Personnel Summary

2020-2021 Accomplishments

  1. Accomplishments are difficult to express as this department has had several complete staffing changes. None of the people who started the year are here now and two have left since July when I started
  2. Able to maintain services as department was under staffed and poorly trained
  3. Assisted other departments during the year, specifically during the freeze with water issues


  1. To comply with all performance measures and keep track via work orders with all the proper information
  2. Improve service levels and efficiencies of existing operations
  3. Protect the investment in public streets through adequate repair and maintenance
  4. Assist with and coordinate Capital Improvement Projects to fulfill the City's long range plan
  5. To provide timely, cost effective maintenance of the public street system including signage, storm drainage, and publi right-of-ways
  6. Replace 20 street signs a month
  7. Sweep streets 20 days a month for 9 months out of the year to help improve stormwater run off
  8. To provide timely, cost effective maintenance on traffic signals and crosswalks

FY22 Objectives

  1. Start tracking number of curb miles swept and number of cubic yards of debris/sediment were collected for the year
  2. Complete 75% of resident requested pothole repairs within 48 hours of notification and respond to inclement weather conditions within 2 hours of notification
  3. Properly budget for keeping streets safe and in accessible condition with proper and adequate routine pavement/curb repairs
  4. Maintain, reconstruct, and/or overlay streets through annual street maintenance and rehabilitation program with Tarrant County
  5. Continue pavement crack sealing as a street preventive maintenance technique on recently re-surfaced streets
  6. Create and implement a sign replacement program; including ordering signs, identifying signs that need to be replaced, and scheduling for replacing signs
  7. Create and implement a street sweeping program; including a plan and schedule that identifies streets that need swept most often
  8. Complete request/complaints for traffic signals within 48 to 72 hours for in house and 3 weeks for third party contractors

Performance Measures

Performance Measures