West Virginia Rainy Day Funds

What are the State's Rainy Day funds and what are the balances?

Updated monthly, the Rainy Day report shows updated cash and investment balances for the Rainy Day funds.

About West Virginia's Rainy Day Funds

The state established a Revenue Shortfall Reserve Fund (Rainy Day Fund) that began with surplus funds available at the close of FY 1994. Funds may be used for revenue shortfalls, emergency needs caused by acts of God or natural disasters, or for other fiscal needs. The Revenue Shortfall Reserve Fund---Part B is to be used by the Legislature to offset a shortfall in revenues or for fiscal emergencies of an extraordinary nature. No moneys in this fund may be expended for any purpose unless all moneys in the Revenue Shortfall Reserve Fund Part A have first been spent.

How do the Rainy Day funds take in cash?

There are two ways the Rainy Day funds take in cash:

  • At the end of each fiscal year, half of any budgetary surplus is deposited into the Rainy Day funds.
  • Rainy Day funds are invested, and the interest earned is added to the fund and retained along with the invested principal.

Rainy Day Funds Balance History

The document to the left shows historical balances for the Rainy Day funds.

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