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The State Auditor's VISTA system permits State employees and vendors to track the status of employee reimbursements and vendor payments. This tool is free, but registration is required. State employees can also access VISTA through their myApps account.

Explore the total yearly compensation for West Virginia state government employees, including public higher education colleges. For more information on how to navigate the new Total Compensation interface, please see the panel below! We have also provided the wvOASIS pay codes represented on Total Compensation.

As a West Virginia taxpayer, have you ever wanted to know how the government spends your personal state income taxes? The West Virginia State Auditor’s Office West Virginia Personal State Income Tax Estimator tool now makes it possible!

2019 Total Compensation Has Changed!

Please see the below instructions on browsing through the new West Virginia Total Compensation interface. If having trouble, please contact us at (304)-558-2251 for assistance. We want to help you find exactly what you need.

What pay types are included on West Virginia Total Compensation?

The below document shows what pay types are included on the WV Total Compensation site.

2019 Annual Report

2019 State Dollar Report