Westminster Parks and Recreation Facilities Master Plan

Our Path to Improving Westminster's Parks and Programs

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Thanks for stopping by our Master Plan web story! We are on our way towards the very first Parks and Recreation Facilities Master Plan Westminster has ever had, and we're excited to share this process with you.


We all agree that parks are amazing places. They have a way of making our neighborhoods complete. Their fresh air can calm an anxious mind or awaken a dragging spirit after a long day at work. Kids can laugh and run. People of all ages and walks of life have access to affordable recreation offerings.


We are really proud of our beautiful parks, and the high-quality recreation programming and services we offer. But we always want to do better. This Master Plan process is a unique opportunity to really understand where we're at, and learn how to plan for our future. Please join us on this journey!

Objectives of the Master Plan

  • Evaluate existing parks and facilities to recommend improvements
  • Determine where new recreation opportunities are needed and feasible
  • Identify trends and population changes relevant to future recreation and community needs

  • Recommend opportunities to enhance events, programs, and activities in parks
  • Prioritize park maintenance and management to take care of City assets
  • Identify funding priorities and a plan to carry out priority projects

The Process

Currently, a whole lot of data gathering is underway. We are examining demands, demographics, growth projections, and financial resources. Plus, we have experts out in the field evaluating our facilities. A Project Advisory Committee convened for the first time on October 11th to share their thoughts, and will be tasked with providing valuable feedback at several points during the process.

We've also just completed our community survey, and will be sharing those findings here soon.

Once all our data gathering is complete, we will work with our stakeholders to form a Master Plan that will help us address the demands, preferences, and needs of our community over the next ten years. Moreover, it will provide clarity on how our parks and facilities are funded, so that we can better prioritize budget allocations and maintenance requirements.

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Our Parks (Interactive Map)